Superficially, this looks like something similar to the Raman Hrabarenka deal. Maggio is a right-handed defenceman. Technically. But after four seasons in the AHL for three different teams, he shoots the puck .69 times per game.

Maggio does have a big profile on In my review of fighting in the AHL his name popped up on my list of frequent flyers. He has 21, 23 and 10 fights in the last three years, as he's "played" 46, 48 and 36 games.

To refresh your memory on the new fighting rules: your tenth fight gets you a suspension and sets you up for suspensions on subsequent fights. As the games played stats show you, though, these guys don't play full seasons, and the value of the suspensions as a deterrent are unproven.

Maggio is from Ontario, played in the OHL, like almost all of his sort of player, and he rarely has had a meaningful impact on a hockey game since he was a teenager when he used to be a forward and presumably played hockey some of the time.

His career AHL point totals are 13 with three goals. But never mind that. He's the famous man who knocked out Brian McGrattan!

Last year's Marlies "good in the room" beloved tough guy, Justin Johnson appeared in only eight games, so here's hoping we don't get to know Maggio very well. Last year did prove he's capable of keeping the number of fights low, but it didn't suddenly make him useful on his basement-dweller team.

There are, of course, many, many hockey fans who love this sort of player. I like guys who play hockey.