Tyler Gaudet is a 27-year-old NHL UFA who plays usually as a centre, and spent last season on the Marlies after a few years in The Arizona and Nashville organizations. He has 20 NHL games played, and is a career AHL middle-six centre.

He was added to the Return to Play bubble for the Leafs, and played a useful role as a practice centre and appeared in the exhibition game, but did not play in the Qualifying Round.

Last year, on an NHL-contract with the Leafs, he was paid $250,000 in the minors on a two-way deal, and had a guarantee of $300,000 paid. The Leafs routinely have made very generous minors deals on two-way NHL contracts for veterans (as do other teams like Montreal). This season, so far, it seems like straight AHL deals might become more common, as the Marlies have now signed two players in one day who were on NHL deals last year.

The value of AHL deals are rarely public.

Gaudet played for Sheldon Keefe as far back as 2011 in Pembroke.