Tonight’s scheduled Toronto Marlies - Texas Stars game was first postponed and then cancelled at the time warmups should have started.

We’ll update with any further news.

Here’s my personal take on that: The Marlies don’t need to care about that right now. Take the loss, play the rest of this roadie and they’re either good enough to not need those points or they aren’t. Some things are more important.

Official confirmation on the forfeit:


From the Mayo Clinic:

A grand mal seizure causes a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. It’s the type of seizure most people picture when they think about seizures.

A grand mal seizure — also known as a generalized tonic-clonic seizure — is caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain. Usually, a grand mal seizure is caused by epilepsy. But sometimes, this type of seizure can be triggered by other health problems, such as extremely low blood sugar, a high fever or a stroke.

Many people who have a grand mal seizure never have another one and don’t need treatment. But someone who has recurrent seizures may need treatment with daily anti-seizure medications to control and prevent future grand mal seizures.

In light of this further news, there can be no doubt that the action taken by the Leafs and Marlies to forfeit the game and allow the players and staff time to find out how Davison fared after a night in the hospital was the right one. Some things matter more than hockey.

In a cross-conference game like this one (not a usual occurrence in the AHL) it’s difficult to make up games since the teams don’t regularly travel near each other. But at the same time it is difficult to reconcile the fact that had the game been cancelled due to inclement weather, there would have been no forfeit. The AHL could think about their rules and consider changing them.

We at PPP wish Rob Davison all the best, and hope for a swift recovery.

The Marlies will play the Texas Stars tonight at 8 p.m. our time.