In a (likely misguided) effort to make this season’s contract hell a little more fun, we decided to do a betting pool/prediction for Mitch Marner’s contract signing. The choices are simple: when, how much, how long?

Here are our guesses:

PPP writers guesses

NameDate SignedAAVTermOther
KatyaJune 18, 2019$9.75 million3 yearsI think I'm under on the AAV
BrianJune 14, 2019$9.95 million4 yearsNylander is somehow blamed
FuleminJune 19, 2019$9.3 million3 years:(
NafioJune 28, 2019$9.16 million4 years
SpeciesThree days after the League and NHLPA both agree not to opt out of the CBA$9.5597 million7 years14 team NMC beginning whichever year Seattle joins the league; contract signing will be broken over Instagram
HardevJuly 1, 2019$9.49 million6 years?I hate this.
ArvindJuly 14, 2019$8.91 million3 yearsThis is an overpay
AdamSept, 28th, 2019$7.5 million2 yearsSigns in time to play in final exhibition game, giving anti-nylander people something else to masturbate to. Bets on himself, contract expires when he has arb. rights

Memo to self: never give these people an Other column to fill in.

Okay, now it’s your turn! You guess, and when the deal is finally signed, and we’ve picked ourselves up off of the floor, we’ll figure out who had the closest guess. That amazing prognosticator will be declared the winner.

We have some PPP stickers, and we might be persuaded to send them to the winner for a small annual fee of a few million due every July 1.

Have at it!