I don't do these often, but it's something I like to throw together for a post-weekend FTB now and then. Here's a quick rundown on how Toronto's various prospects have performed this past weekend:

Easton Cowan — He had two of his weaker games this season. After my last prospect report on him, London moved him back to center on a second line. Maybe not coincidentally, he had two games in a row where he was held pointless, only two shots on net, took two penalties each game, and was a -2 in two straight losses. He can play at center in the OHL and do alright, but I'm increasingly not seeing it stick in the long term. Season totals: 16 games, 8 goals, 19 assists.

Fraser Minten — Kamloops did not play Friday or Saturday, but had a Sunday evening game where he had an assist on the powerplay. He's been used a lot by Kamloops in all situations, to a ridiculous extent in some games. Season totals: 5 games, 1 goal, 5 assists.

Noah Chadwick — Had two games on Friday and Saturday, where he scored in both games including an overtime winner. He's already surpassed his last season for goals (6) and is three points away from setting another personal best in that regard. Season totals: 20 games, 6 goals, 11 assists.

Brandon Lisowsky — It's been a while since I've written any update on Lisowsky, and it's because his season has been very whelming. This weekend he was held pointless on Friday night, but followed with a goal and two assists on Saturday. Season totals: 21 games, 13 goals, 12 assists.

Braeden Kressler — Started the OHL season very hot, and has cooled off relatively speaking. He had a goal and two assists on Friday, was held pointless on Saturday and Sunday. Season totals: 18 games, 10 goals, 13 assists.

Nick Moldenhauer — Has been moved up and down the lineup a lot on Michigan, but has been finding his groove after a slow-ish start. He's not getting PP1 time or playing with other top offensive stars on the team, but he has four points in his last three games, including a goal and an assist in two weekend games. Season totals: 14 games, 3 goals, 5 assists.

Hudson Malinoski — Was held pointless in two games against UMass this weekend, but played a lot at even strength. His production hasn't been there, but his usage has increased as one of their top centers. Season totals: 13 games, 4 goals, 3 assists.

Veeti Miettinen — The Brandon Lisowsky of the NCAA prospects. He had a hot start, but still looks very ordinary a lot of the time. He is on pace to set a career best in the NCAA for goals, but at the expense of his playmaking. He was held pointless on Friday but had two goals on Saturday. Season totals: 12 games, 9 goals, 4 assists.

Nikita Grebyonkin — Has gone through a real dry spell for points in November, but finally broke a 5 game pointless streak with an assist on Saturday. His usage has been pretty steady, as a middle six winger who gets used in all situations – but that usage can skew game-to-game. Season totals: 32 games, 8 goals, 7 assists.

Artur Akhtyamov — Playing only occasionally as the backup since their main starter returned from injury, but did play back to back games last week stopping 81 of 89 shots – a a real heavy workload for just two games. Season totals: 17 games, 2.51 GAA, .921 sv%.

There was another game from this weekend that was pretty neat. Some Swedish guy did pretty good, I heard.

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William Nylander cruelly denied the double Rolex.

Some other fun from the Sweden trip:

Speaking of Fraser Minten!