Do you like hockey?

Do you like PPP?

Do you like socially awkward situations at events with questionable names?

If you answered yes to those three questions, then let us know in the comments if you would like to attend a Magical Marlies Meetup on Saturday November 25th!

The Marlies will play against the Belleville Senators at the Air Canada Centre at 1:30 pm. We can make arrangements to go out for food and drink after the game. Please let us know your interest in the comments.


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Other News

The Canadiens won last night. It was even a Tuesday night game against Florida. Those are supposedly impossible to win! No one knows what dark magic they used, but, if Hollywood horror movies have taught me anything, it will come back to haunt them...

Meanwhile, the LOLOILERS lost again. Sure it was in OT, but it’s still a loss. My best guess is that Connor McDavid isn’t captain material. If he were, they would be winning. Amirite? Milan Lucic should be captain!

Now try and not continue laughing watching Lucic attempt to catch up to Phil Kessel and stop him from scoring the game winning OT goal.

Finally, in ‘it’s too sad to laugh now’ news, the Coyotes lost again last night. They have yet to win this season, carrying on with only 1 point from an OT loss.

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