Most games have been rescheduled, taking the AHL season in the Canadian division to May 20.

The Toronto Marlies will now be shutdown for the remainder of April. This will make the full period of the cancellations April 15 to 28, and that period plus the vague reference to “Toronto Public Health workplace guidelines” seems to indicate the closure is due to the new measures undertaken today by Toronto Public Health in the absence of provincial action on workplace outbreaks.

Toronto, Peel to close businesses with 5 or more COVID-19 cases linked to the workplace | CBC News

Throughout this season, the AHL has reported very little information about COVID-19 outbreaks on teams. The Maple Leafs recalled Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren after the initial outbreak on the Marlies, and they would have to pass NHL testing protocols, but it seems, in the absence of clear policies, that no one else can be recalled in this closure period.

On other AHL teams suffering outbreaks, the only information about the number of people involved comes if local reporters find out or players reveal their status publicly.

The AHL season is set to end on May 15, and the Marlies now have eight more scheduled games in the month of May. It is unknown at this time if the AHL truly intends to reschedule these games and if they would extend the playing season to make that possible.

Rodion Amirov is supposed to join the team when he clears quarantine, as is Mikko Kokkonen. Filip Hållander’s SHL team was eliminated from the playoffs today, and he might also be arriving in North America soon. If there is a Marlies season left for them, they may all participate.