The 2015-2016 NHL season for Nazem Kadri has ended four games early. On Saturday night Kadri cross checked the Red Wings Luke Glendening:

Winging it in Motown broke down the play here.

Today Kadri has bene suspended for four games, the total number of remaining games the Maple Leafs have. The suspension comes days after it was announced Kadri was suspended for two incidents of diving, for a total of $5,000.

Kadri has forfeited a good chunk of change for his actions in the league:

To replace Kadri, the Maple Leafs have brought Rich Clune back from the Marlies, to reward him for his work with the youngest Leafs this season.

With Kadri's seasons coming to an end, he can now focus on his RFA negotiations with the Maple Leafs.

Kadri's 15/16 season saw him score 17 goals, 28 assists for 45 points in 76 games.

Was the suspension...

Too long, he's being targeted by reputation186
Too short, NHL needs to up it's discipline to keep things safe66
Just right.193