Ready or not, willing or not, good idea or not; the NHL and its stakeholders have leaked to the media enough to make it clear the “Return to Play” protocol is all but formally approved. Toronto and Edmonton will host the balance of games to finish the 2019-20 season and award the Stanley Cup.

Further, the players have used this time to negotiate a new CBA which will apparently take effect for the next season and adjusts to a new and uncertain future of pro-sports revenue.

Read Katya’s update below for all of the latest details as of Friday at noon.

NHL and NHLPA CBA MOU and RTP negotiation status report

Things can, of course, change rapidly right now. Details confimred Friday at noon can still change, though it now sounds like final details are actually being presented to the players, and the Player’s Association may actually be facilitating a yes/no vote on it as you read this.

But, as I said, things can change...

They change fast!

Other News

What do you elite hockey analysts of PPP think of this? I would 100% do that deal if I were the GM of one of these two teams, but I won’t tell you which one! You can vote in our poll below.

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Finally; because who doesn’t love Teemu? This video includes highlights from an early 90’s Jets vs. Maple Leafs game.

Would you trade Marner to get Ottawa’s third and fifth overall draft picks?

Of course! I’d rather have those top draft picks and all that valuable cap space.90
No. The Leafs should be in “win now” mode with Marner.164
Maybe if the Sens throw in Brown and a second.41

And a happy Independence Day to all you traitorous Yankees. I mean, seriously, who would you rather have as your head of state right now?