Who would have thought a Marlies goalie with a 0.879 sv% for what was the 2019-20 season would rise to #14 in our community vote? Not any the voting members at PPP Kitten Ranching and Top 25 List Manufacturing sp. z o.o..

We ranked Woll as essentially an honourable mention; a few votes short of making 25th place on our list. That was a big slide down from where we ranked him last year, but clearly you still believe in Woll and kept him relatively high at 14th. This is the largest divergence we have this season, and maybe ever in seven years of T25U25 history!

Top 25 Under 25: The Case For The Goalies

I can understand the excitement of a goalie prospect, but to put Woll above Denis Malgin who is already a young and bona-fide NHL player with a high trade value? Let us know in the comments and vote in the poll below what you were thinking.

PPP’s Votes for Week Two

#15 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

2020 Top 25 Under 25: Semyon Der-Arguchintsev jumps to #15

While Robertson was gathering the headlines, SDA’s play improved in his draft+1 year, in 55 games he scored 12 goals and added 63 assists, giving him 75 points in 55 games, or 1.35 points per game - nearly doubling his output from the previous two seasons.

#14 Mikhail Abramov

Top 25 Under 25: Mikhail Abramov scores his way to 14th

Playing at centre, Abramov was a one-man wrecking ball on the struggling Victoriaville Tigres. There wasn’t anyone on the team other than Abramov who scored 20 goals and he had 35.

#13 Nicholas Abruzzese

Top 25 Under 25: Nick Abruzzese makes his debut at #13

Abruzzese is a small, skilled forward — the prototypical Dubas pick. He led the USHL in points last year, and he finished tied for third in the entire NCAA in scoring as a freshman.

#11 (tied) Mikko Kokkonen

Top 25 Under 25: Mikko Kokkonen tied for 11th place

There’s so many older prospects in the Leafs system, that the really young ones (other than Nick Robertson) get a little lost in the shuffle until you step back and think about the years of expected upward growth someone like Kokkonen has — unlike players ageing off the list ranked in similar spots this year.

#11 (tied) Adam Brooks

Top 25 Under 25: Adam Brooks is in the fight for a full-time spot at #11

Yes, this is all quite bold to say, but with how much the coach loves Brooks and how versatile he can be as a complimentary player on a team full of talent at centre and on the right side, I can see him getting chances higher up that wouldn’t conventionally happen.

Community Votes

#15 Denis Malgin

Weighted Average Ranking: 16.46

Total Rankings: 211 (210 in top 25)

#14 Joseph Woll

Weighted Average Ranking: 16.26

Total Rankings: 242 (242)

#13 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Weighted Average Ranking: 15.91

Total Rankings: 245 (245)

#12 Mikhail Abramov

Weighted Average Ranking: 15.41

Total Rankings: 233 (231)

#11 Adam Brooks

Weighted Average Ranking: 13.64

Total Rankings: 247 (246)

So why did you rank Woll so high?

Even if only as a long-term backup goalie solution, I’m sure he’s going to make the NHL.47
I didn’t vote him that high and I don’t understand why people did.60
We’re so paranoid about goalies now that simply having a prospect that’s not badly injured and able to stop more than one shot per game is a miracle.50
The Leafs prospect depth is so thin that he’s right at home at #14.57
Oops. I probaby did rank him too high.6