Eric Fehr to the Leafs? The Pittsburgh forward seems to be coming to Toronto.  We have no details on this yet, stayed tuned.

Fehr recently cleared waivers so he can be moved to the AHL at will.  He has a cap hit of $2 million this season and next, so that’s a lot of money for an AHL veteran.  He is a right-shooting centre/winger who has been a full-time NHLer for a long time.

The other shoe has dropped:

Steve Oleksy is a 31-year old veteran right-shooting defender.  He is the definition of tweener, having spent a lot of time in the AHL and the NHL.  He’s on a cheap expiring deal and can fill in on the Marlies just fine.

As many people in the comments have said: Fehr meets the expansion draft exposure requirements right now, which is a plus for the Leafs.

Tell us what you think about this deal.

UPDATE: Oleksy is showing on the AHL transfer page as on the Marlies.  Corrado is showing off and onto the WSB Penguins.  But there is no sign of Fehr yet.  It looks like he’s staying on the NHL roster.  Subject to change as the AHL catches up with the paperwork.