Nic Petan cleared today, but Gustav Forsling and Christian Djoos were both claimed. Petan is also on the roster for tonight’s Blue and White game, so as discussed below, clearing waivers doesn’t mean you have to be sent anywhere. The likely final destination for Petan is the Taxi Squad.

This move is a little odd, since the game on Saturday should require all hands on deck to make two teams, and you would expect Petan to be right there as the nearly in the NHL crowd heading for the Taxi Squad. It bears remembering that waiving someone does not require you to remove them from the NHL roster either in training camp or in the regular season. He might not be going into AHL limbo yet.

Two possibilities spring to mind as to the timing. One: the Leafs might be hoping that no one has lost anyone to injury yet, and he’ll clear, and they’ll have him on the squad where they want him. Two: the Leafs might be genuinely giving him a chance to get claimed by a team that will play him.

Regardless, we’ll know tomorrow at noon what his fate is, and sometime tomorrow, we’ll have rosters for the game to share. We also expect an AHL schedule, possibly today, and some clarity on when training camp will start. At that point, waived players won’t all be going into limbo.

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