Every time any of the professional leagues in North America try to come together for the start of a season, there’s some starting pains — just ask the German and Swedish teams at the recently completed World Juniors. Players travelling from all over into singular locations have led to multiple breakouts

Well, with NHL training camps under way for a few days we saw two teams get hit with outbreaks. The most serious was the Dallas Stars, with six players and two staff testing positive.

As a result, their camp and facilities are shut down, and all their games are being pushed back until at least January 19th, maybe later. This means they will start the season almost a week later than everyone else, and will have to find a way to make up their games.

Columbus, meanwhile, seem to have had an outbreak as well....

Now I count a lot more than six players that the Stars said tested positive. But there may be other issues — visa problems (see: Kapanen), injuries, personal issues, or being isolated because they may have been in contact with players who tested positive.

So far, those seem to be the only two teams with significant issues. I can promise it won’t be the last before the season starts, and there will likely be more outbreaks through the season.

A reminder that tonight’s White vs Blue scrimmage will be televised.

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