Time for a game. Suddenly we have photos of all the Maple Leafs, even the players about to be cut to the minors or the Taxi Squad. Do you know your Leafs?

You’re on your honour that you don’t google to figure out the answers, and you don’t lie about your score (everyone will lie about their score) so play fair! This post likely works fine on regular mobile, but not Google AMP because AMP is horrible.

I’m starting you off with an easy one. This guy isn’t a kid, and there’s something about the eyes that give it away...

Mystery Man Number One

Alexander Barabanov231
Teemu Kivihalme93
Mikko Lehtonen712
Calle Rosen101

Try that again with a new face:

Mystery Man Number Two

Alexander Barabanov849
Teemu Kivihalme125
Mikko Lehtonen56
Calle Rosen49

Next, you get someone a little harder to guess:

Mystery Man Number Three

Calle Rosen112
Tyler Gaudet114
Rourke Chartier184
Jimmy Vesey218
Travis Boyd365

This isn’t a quiz, I just think this is funny:

Okay, next up, is some familiar faces, but who are they really?

Who are these guys?

The cast of a Netflix 3 Musketeers show you only realize is Bulgarian once you’ve started watching?109
The cast of a Netflix Robin Hood film that will be as bad as the last one?69
The cast of a Netflix time travel show set in the seventies?43
Wow, NRob looks bulked up.262

And finally, the new old men on the Maple Leafs.

How many of these players are older than Kyle Dubas?


Bonus Question Worth Double the Points (there are no points):

Who is this: