Here at Pension Plan Puppets Union Heavy Lifting Services and Pornography Censoring Collective S.A. we sometimes need to take a break from talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs and helping charities to read bizarre emails. Take for example this email from PPP reader "Chaim Weisswasser":

hi i found a thread thats talking about me without consent and i have never heard of these people before nor have i even heard of this website Please Remove this ASAP! This is unlawful

Here's a screenshot of the thread in question:


We've consulted anonymous legal counsel who have assured us that it's not unlawful to talk about Chaim Weisswasser in our comment threads nor is it illegal to post correspondence sent to us on our blog.

What's worth noting is the context. My comment "Chaim Weisswasser, you're not winning a phone, sorry." means that Mr. Whitewater RAPIDZ name was on a LeafsTV broadcast as a possible Vtech Powerplay winner.

If his intention was to get us to remove a thread about him he has failed. If he wanted the likely #1 Google search for his name to be about the time he complained to a blog that noticed his funny name on television: mission accomplished.

So thanks for reading PPP Mr. Weekend Kayaker we appreciate all of the feedback we receive!

UPDATE: Uh oh, someone's upset!

hi, i sent an email to remove another thread of me and they posted it public which is against your privacy, if you dont stop this and remove these posts i will seek legal action and as well get the law enforcement involved
i want my picture and my information off immediately!'d think he'd have learned more law while at the office of the attorney general. Guess not.