Today Puck Daddy's 2015 Alternate Hockey Awards came out and there was a big surprise when it came down to "Blog of the Year":

Pension Plan Puppets, which has combined great coverage of the Leafs with some incredible writing on the Patrick Kane case and other social issues in hockey. But let’s be honest: Breaking the Steve Simmons hot dog debunking is their Watergate.

With such awesome writers as PhyllisKessel, Achariya working on the serious issues here and on the SBN main page with many other talented writers, PPP heading up the hot dog investigation (oh, that was a fun afternoon), and people like JP, Gunnar Carlsson, 50_missioncap, and clrkatkin doing excellent game recaps, and Species1967 getting you everything you need to know in FTB's previews, and articles you're well served here.

Not to mention our manager Scott Wheeler, who takes the time to put up with our shenanigans in the SBN Slack channels, as well as encouraging us to write about what we're passionate about, and providing excellent prospect coverage.

Here's all the great people, and someone named Chemmy, who make this what it is.

Thanks to all of you as well, who read the site daily, especially since you keep me at #1 in numbers each month.

Now let's have a GIF party to celebrate!