First Period

Is it insulting we're getting Kevin Lankinen in net?

Things get exciting fast as Marner gets a breakaway on his first shift.

Domi with a great shot off a good move and a good location! Lankinen has it though.

This is the entire period thus far. The Preds look confused by some not all that fabulous Leafs offence.

Lajoie and Timmins both getting in the offensive action, as the Leafs suddenly can move the puck around at will.

But of course the Leafs take a penalty defending at the end of a long shift by the third line. This does not look like a penalty to me, but what do I know?

Samsonov gets an assist from the post in traffic post-PK. He's now actually made some serious saves, but almost all of them have been in the second half of this period.

Matt Knies draws a penalty with just over two minutes to go.

Leafs can't get set up and when they do Matthews whiffs on a shot. I mean... he never does that.


McCabe came out of the penalty box and no one at all knew where he should go as the Leafs were now in their own zone with three defenders. Shows the problems you get playing with unfamiliar recalls. Lajoie has looked pretty good so far, though.

Preds bad:

Second Period

The Matthews line comes out dominating possession like they did in the first.

David Kämpf draws a tripping penalty, and one hopes every pass isn't broken up this time. It's better, but they aren't really connecting. Nashville is PKing well in this game.

Sheldon Keefe tried that blending of the bottom six where Reaves and Järnkrok swap places, and the result was a long period of trying to get through the neutral zone. I get it, Domi and Robertson had a couple of offensive moves that looked interesting but they are sub 40% in Corsi. But short of just making them the fourth line fulltime, what's the point? It's not like the Preds are playing well here, if those guys can't keep up, Reaves is not helping.

Luke Schenn does us a favour and takes a penalty. He has a plausible innocent face, I'll give him that, but he is guilty.

This is a better power play, but Mitch Marner playing the bumper makes me miss Nazem Kadri.

There's eight minutes left and Nashville actually makes Samsonov make a save.

There's something so enjoyable about a Kämpf goal (he's been very good overall too).

1-0 Leafs

I know he was fresh of the bench, but should Kämpf beat your defence like that?

Okay. There it is. Nylander and Matthews doing it like we know they can.

2-0 Leafs

Nashville with a late powerplay and they get a very loud ping, but not a lot else.


Timmins has been making a statement in this game.

Preds were dead in that period.

Third Period

Leafs open strong, getting to the Nashville net with ease.

Domi roaring right at the net, and he back passes to Robertson. They are so predictable, but have had some good offensive zone efforts tonight.

Domi line with another good rush, and this time they draw a penalty.

Domi himself was then very good on the power play.

The third period is all Domi line, and they have another strong shift. They got roasted for two periods vs Boston, but came on later, so maybe it's their thing.

Nashville doubles their offensive efforts with one brief flurry of offence. This is not hyperbole, they've been that dull up to now.

Jake McCabe lays the body on Luke Evangelista and then has to fight a guy for about 16 seconds. Evangelista hit the glass at a weird spot, but is okay.

They each get five for fighting which will run to almost the end of the game.

Nylander and Knies with a two on none and the pass is just not that good. Knies is brought down, but no penalty shot because Knies never had the puck.

Okay, redemptions from Mr. Nylander as he sets up this one to make it 3-0 Leafs.

Benoit takes a penalty to save a goal when Samsonov is over there when the puck is over here.

Nashville with another post, but then the Leafs start clearing with ease, and Noah Gregor makes it 4-0 Leafs on an ENG.


Saw a couple of iffy moves from Samsonov that tells me he's not really over this "where is the post?" thing, but only a couple. But what the hell, it's a shutout, dammit.

Leafs Win! Next game is Monday on the Island.