Earlier today some wag made a joke about all the stories out there about how Dubas has a phone:

And to be serious, that’s about what the early offerings from various outlets of higher journalism were genuinely reduced to printing.

But Darren Dreger upped the ante with this:

Now if you did your homework yesterday, you will notice he’s not using the speculation words. He’s flat out saying this is what Dubas is telling other teams. In other words, other teams are telling Dreger this, and no this is not some clever blind three-level feint by some GM to make someone think that. This is hockey, not the plot of Mission Impossible.

I will confess to you the shocking news that I’m not very chill about the idea of trading Kasperi Kapanen. I have been an early adopter of the idea that a trade of Nazem Kadri might become a good idea at some point. But even that leaves me very concerned.

Bob McKenzie has said many times that there are a half a dozen guys or less in the entire NHL who aren’t ever going to be traded, so every team is listening right now. And just because the brand new Caddy is in the showroom doesn’t mean you don’t buy the 5-year-old brown Honda instead.


This joke is way more current than everything in the NHL awards last night, so shut up.

Rate me your angst right now:

How chill are you?

I’m really ready for some good news348
This has all gone horribly wrong before and it will again220