Last week we looked back at our predictions for the Maple Leafs and playoffs that we made before the season, and now that the player awards have been handed out we can finish things off with finding out just how badly we guessed.

Looking back at our pre-season predictions

So, to fill in this boring day before the draft begins, let’s check out how we did.

Calder Trophy

seldoBrady Tkachuk
katyaRasmus Dahlin
ArvindElias Pettersson
KevinElias Pettersson
FuleminElias Pettersson
BrigstewDylan Strome
HardevRasmus Dahlin
SpeciesRasmus Dahlin
nafioRasmus Dahlin
AnnieElias Pettersson
Actual WinnerElias Pettersson

Starting off well, Elias Petterson tied with Dahlin for first place, so four of our writers got that one correct. I overthought Tkachuk’s impact on a terrible Senators team, and Brigstew picked Dylan Strome, which I thought couldn’t be right, but he was Calder reliable.

Selke Trophy

seldoSean Couturier
katyaPatrice Bergeron
ArvindSean Couturier
KevinPatrice Bergeron
FuleminSean Couturier
BrigstewPatrice Bergeron
HardevSean Couturier
SpeciesSean Couturier
nafioPatrice Bergeron
AnnieSean Couturier
Actual WinnerRyan O'Reilly

Oh boy, we could all use a do-over here. We settled into two camps - Sean Couturier and Patrice Bergeron. Both were wrong as it went to Conn Smythe winner Ryan O’Reilly.

Vezina Trophy

seldoFrederik Andersen
katyaSergei Bobrovskiy
ArvindJohn Gibson
KevinJohn Gibson
FuleminAndrei Vasilevskiy
BrigstewFrederik Andersen
HardevAndrei Vasilevskiy
SpeciesFrederik Andersen
nafioFrederik Andersen
AnnieFrederik Andersen
Actual WinnerAndrei Vasilevskiy

Our first instance of being a big ol’ bunch of homers here, as the Leafs’ own Frederik Andersen led the voting with five votes. Fulemin and Hardev got it correct by picking Andrei Vasilevskiy, Arvind and Kevin went west with Gibson and Katya picked a goalie who had something to prove going into free agency with Sergei Bobrovsky.

Norris Trophy

seldoVictor Hedman
katyaVictor Hedman
ArvindDrew Doughty
KevinVictor Hedman
FuleminVictor Hedman
BrigstewIvan Provorov
HardevSeth Jones
SpeciesVictor Hedman
nafioIvan Provorov
AnnieIvan Provorov
Actual WinnerMark Giordano

Another one we all whiffed on. Calgary Flames Mark Giordano won the award, None of our picks even made it into the top three. A very disappointing year for awards picks.

Rocket Richard Award

seldoPatrik Laine
katyaPatrik Laine
ArvindConnor McDavid
KevinPatrik Laine
FuleminAuston Matthews
BrigstewAuston Matthews
HardevAlexander Ovechkin
SpeciesAuston Matthews
nafioAuston Matthews
AnnieAuston Matthews
Actual winnerAlexander Ovechkin

For the most goals scored, a lot of us went with Matthews, but he finished 17th on the list with 37. the second most popular pick was Patrik ‘down year’ Laine who scored only 30 goals, and finished 43rd in the league. Connor McDavid had one vote, and he was 10th with 41, ten goals behind the winner - Alex Ovechkin, who was picked only once, by Hardev.

Art Ross

seldoMitch Marner
katyaConnor McDavid
ArvindConnor McDavid
KevinConnor McDavid
FuleminConnor McDavid
BrigstewConnor McDavid
HardevConnor McDavid
SpeciesJames van Riemsdyk
nafioConnor McDavid
AnnieConnor McDavid
Actual winnerNikita Kucherov

If we were a baseball team we’d be the Blue Jays with how hard we’re missing pitches here. Connor McDavid was the overwhelming choice to score the most points, but he finished second to Kucherov’s 128 points with 116 of his own. I picked Marner, because I believed in the power of John Tavares. He didn’t do too badly, scoring 94 points.

Hart Trophy

seldoJohn Tavares
katyaTaylor Hall
ArvindConnor McDavid
KevinConnor McDavid
FuleminConnor McDavid
BrigstewConnor McDavid
HardevConnor McDavid
SpeciesAuston Matthews
nafioTaylor Hall
AnnieAuston Matthews
ActualNikita Kucherov

McDavid was the popular pick, with Taylor Hall and Auston Matthews also getting some votes, but Nikita Kucherov walked away with the trophy.

It was a sad year for predictions, but hey, no one could have predicted the Lightning’s regular season - or their playoffs for that matter.