Now official:

The Seattle Kraken have taken Jared McCann from the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2021 Expansion Draft according to a report from the man who has a deluge of leaked information this morning:

Jared McCann was only a member of the Maple Leafs for four days, but we’ll miss him, and his dog Cheddar. He became a part of Maple Leafs history the moment we started to argue incessantly about a player we barely knew anything about.

McCann, a former member of the Vancouver Canucks, is very familiar with the region he’ll call home, and he will certainly enjoy the chance to wear one of the coolest uniforms to ever grace the NHL.

Good luck in Seattle, Jared, we’ll miss you. Better luck next time, Kyle at getting a guy from the Soo.

We’ll have confirmation of this report sometime after 8 p.m. tonight. In the meantime, commence your takery.