The Leafs GM search may have come to an end. Media insiders are now confident that it will be former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

It also sounds like an official announcement of all this could come as early as today, less than two weeks since Kyle Dubas was fired. Treliving was most recently known for overseeing a turbulent time for the Flames as some of their top players left the team, including Matthew Tkachuck who was traded after indicating he would not re-sign with the team on the terms they were offering him, and Johnny Gaudreau who simply walked away as a free agent.

We'll have a lot more on his history in two articles coming out later this morning, one focusing on his trades and player management, and the other one on his draft record, and of course some live reactions to any press conference when it happens.

Other News

I found this inforgraphic interesting. It was of course originally created to be about the growth rate of women's sports, but I noted the NHL is actually leading all the other men's leagues in attendance growth this season.

However, when doing this comparison you should take into account the physical space to grow. I am not surprised the NFL growth rate is so low as they usually sell out their stadium games already, so there are no actual seats left to have more fans attend games. The only way they can grow in-person attendance is by getting governments to use tax money to gift them with an even more gigantic stadium, which, oh right, that's exactly what the NFL does!