For those of you on Twitter who at one time followed Leafs prospect William Nylander, you might have recently noticed he deleted his Twitter account.

According to a Yahoo Sports report, his Twitter handle was allegedly the reason why.

While many professional hockey players opt for a Twitter handle encompassing their first name, last name, jersey number, or any variation thereof, Nylander chose something different. From the time he was drafted in 2014, several Leaf fans noted he went by the handle @snizzbone.

Apparently some people in the Leafs front office were not too enthused with this name selection:

The Maple Leafs rookie recently deactivated his Twitter account "@Snizzbone" after being advised the term may have more than one meaning.

"The team became aware that some were offended of his handle, notified him, and he subsequently deactivated it," said Maple Leafs’ director of media relations Steve Keogh to Yahoo Sports.

Nylander said he was unaware that his Twitter handle alluded to a derogatory term.

According to the Urban Dictionary, snizzbone refers to "when a person from the hood screws you over in a deal." As well, Urban Dictionary has a much more derogatory definition for "snizz", which was of more concern to the Leafs.

There are some curious questions here, however. The team informed him of their objection to his handle almost two years after he was drafted. How did the Leafs not notice this until now?

The other curious question is why Nylander deleted his account, when a simple name change might have sufficed. Perhaps he used it as an opportunity to step away from social media- where athletes are often mobbed with messages from strangers, some of which are downright vitriolic- and focus on more important things.

In any event, this wouldn't be the first time a teenager has used a poorly-thought out username on a major social platform. Yeah; I'm looking at you, anyone who ever used MSN Messenger in middle or high school!

With a definitive social media policy, however, the team may want to avoid trading for Kevin Shattenkirk, if only to preserve one of the better bathroom-related double entendres on Twitter.