Here are four things I learned from this GQ interview with Jaromir Jagr and this Deadspin article about his caffeine intake.

(1) Jagr does 1,000 squats each day.

"I did 150, 150, 150, 150...six, seven times a day."

(2) Jagr drank five Diet Cokes a day. Then he switched to ten cups of coffee. Now he's moved on to water, because he gave up coffee for Lent.

When Jagr gave up Diet Coke last year—"I drank it every day, I would have five a day at least," he said—he tried it again after Easter. He hated the taste so much that he had to mix the soda with water, and then he gave it up altogether. This year his has quit coffee."I was drinking 10 a day," he said. "I felt awful the first few days, I felt like I had no energy at all. I was playing games I didn’t even know I played, the first few games. But then the body got used to it."

(3) His new girlfriend is a 24-year-old blonde named Veronika Koprivova, whom he met while she was working at the World Hockey Championships in Prague. This means that she was born two years after his professional debut. That's right, she went from babyhood to adulthood -- with Jagr playing in the NHL. There is no time in her life that Jagr has not played in the NHL. (Except for that time he played in the KHL for a bit. Thanks, PPP-ites!)

(4) Jagr has some sage life advice to hand us about working through a bad day.

"I just say to take it. Whatever you feel, even if you’re tired, I’m just trying to take it and not think about it." He adds, "If it’s a good day enjoy it, and if it’s a bad day learn from that. Every bad day is pushing you forward, so learn from that. Of course, everybody would like to have good days only, but it doesn’t work like that: Fifty percent of the time there’s a bad day, and 50 percent of the time there’s a good day, so you have to learn from the bad days."From Jagr's mouth to Nylander's ear. Study hard, young William!


Go Leafs go!