It’s official, Joe Woll will make his NHL debut in Buffalo ... wait, does that count? Checking... yes, the official rules state that it does count in Buffalo, Arizona is technically the AHL this year, though.

Don’t worry about the goalie situation, though, this is fine:

In other news, the NHL stole Nylander’s goal, but they gave it to Kaše instead.

Pontus Holmberg moves to wing, but stays a second liner (!) for national team play in the first Euro Hockey Tour event. He is having another good year, and he is the guy your coach tells you to emulate. So work hard, everyone, and you too can have a bright yellow shirt.

Sweden opened the tournament with a win against the Czechs and Holmberg got the first goal. Russia is playing the youth, this is the famous Matvei Michkov:

Meanwhile in the junior ranks:

It is only 43 days to the start of the WJC. Canada plays on Boxing Day against the Czechs in Red Deer for their first game.

This is so heartwarming, it’s annoying:

The Marlies are back in action tonight, a late game our time, as they are in Chicago, and they finish up there tomorrow afternoon. After tonight’s game in Buffalo, the Leafs play again on Tuesday at home in the first of four games in five days ending in another back-to-back next weekend, with travel of course. Hope Woll is good tonight.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.