Less than a week into the PWHL season and another record is broken. Grace Zumwinkle got the first hat trick and beat Montréal without breaking a sweat. This was also, maybe more amazingly, the first home team win.

Toronto plays the intimidating Minnesota team on Wednesday.

Cowan is very much back home:

Kressler is changing homes:

This is more interesting that just carping about the most recent ratings for the outdoor game:

The NHL appears to be giving away TV revenue to instead use these games to promote teams that usually don't get these sorts of events. See also: Toronto getting the All-Star Game. The biggest argument for the entire idea having jumped the shark is last year's Boston - Pittsburgh game. So maybe it's some of both, but don't discount the change in broadcaster, because TNT cannot possibly have the reach of NBC.

If you want the lazy way to vote for the All Star game, you can find the right tweet and RT it:

Use the one above if you appreciate William Nylander so much, you want to free up a week for him to go somewhere sunny and warm. If you want to be mean and vote for Nylander, look for the Lavender suit.

And lastly, from the WJC:

Cowan has to work out more because the Leafs guys come once a week to watch him in the gym. He also sounds totally ready for Toronto traffic.

Saturday Headlines: Maple Leafs closing in on Nylander extension

I posted a link to this arena bias tool in the GDT yesteday. It's just home and a away splits, but go look at hits. I'll wait.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.