The Toronto Maple Leafs annual California road trip is usually a bit of a mess. Late night games, rarely winners, and cranky Leafs fans who stayed up too late (aside from you west coasters).

A shutout over the Kings and a squeaker against the Ducks leads us to San Jose, where the Sharks are just doing their best and having fun without any pressure about "winning" or "success" this season. Must be nice.

The Maple Leafs though? We demand wins. We demand goals. We demand everything.

First Period

Matthew Knies gave the puck away in the Leafs zone to start. Mikeal Granlund was unable to take advantage and thankfully the Leafs cleared the zone afterwards. Not the best start. Not the worst, but not great.

Auston Matthews comes close to opening the scoring while the Leafs take over the Sharks zone, but Granlund just gets in there to block the shot.

The Leafs have the most control of the game through the first period. The Sharks get to touch the puck occasionally, but most of the time that's from blocking shots. The Leafs are leading puck wise, shot wise, and physically.

Just, not on the scoreboard where we stay tied halfway through the period.

Auston Matthews is determined to get a goal before the first ends, the Sharks defense is on top of their game today, trying to end a ten game winless streak.

Matthews and Marner are working together like we demand they do, and a couple nice passes entering the zone almost gets Matthews his 31st goal of the season, but he's denied by Mackenzie Blackwood.

Tomáš Hertl is called for tripping Tyler Bertuzzi, so the Leafs get the first powerplay of the game with five minutes left in the first period.

William Nylander has a great chance early on in the powerplay, slowly skating the puck across the faceoff circle, waiting for his chance and ringing a loud one off the bar.

Granlund is in the news again, with a hand pass off the faceoff, which should be a penalty, but the officials gather to discuss it. They make the proper call, and the Leafs get a 90 second five on three power play.

One powerplay goal for the Leafs springs Hertl from the box when Mitch Marner rips a shot from the faceoff dot, and gets his 40th point of the season and the Leafs first goal of this game.

1-0 Maple Leafs.

It's still a powerplay for Toronto for another 75 seconds! But we only get the one goal, which is fine, I don't want to be greedy.

The first period ends with the Leafs up 1-0 in goals and 18-3 in shots.

Yes. The Sharks had three shots hit the net. They're doing their best.

Second Period

We spend the majority of the opening minutes of the second period in the Leafs end but the shot counter doesn't change for San Jose. Guys, Connor Bedard was drafted last draft.

The Leafs, however, easily get to 20 shots before the Sharks get to five. Is this what it was like to watch the 2015-16 Leafs as a fan of the opposing team?

Thank goodness Jones hasn't gone cold during this period and is up for making the odd save here or there.

It feels like the Leafs lightened up their play, as if they don't want to embarrass the Sharks too much in the second period. They're still in control, but passing a bit more, not hitting up the net as aggressively, saving some energy for the third period.

Halfway through the second it's still 1-0 Leafs, and Toronto leads 20-5 in shots.

Nothing of note is happening in the second. The Sharks are upping their speed and chippiness this period, forcing the Leafs to match and it's a little scrambly, but nothing to worry about.

Finally! It took 19:18 for something to happen but Calle Järnkrok scores the Leafs second goal of the game just as the second period is coming to a close.

Järnkrok's 10th goal of this season and 299th point.

At the end of the second the Leafs lead 2-0 and 26-10 in shots.

Third Period

The Sharks stay perked up from their second period play.

Sharks are really controlling the play in the third period, having passed 1o shots and taking it to Martin Jones. Now, by passed 10 shots I mean they're at 14 but still.

Halfway through the third period the Leafs pick up the offense and attack the Sharks net, and Nylander easily scores blocker side to make it 3-0 Toronto.

The most well known Shark this game, Mikael Ganlund, ends Martin Jones' shutout with eight minutes remaining in the game, after he's able to sneak around the Leafs net unnoticed to tap in a rebound on the wide open side.

Maple Leafs still lead 3-1.

Justin Bailey is energized from the goal, and goes end to end but is denied a goal by Jones.

William Nylander and John Tavares pass back and forth in front of Blackwood, just toying with him, and then Nylander backhands a a puck in the net, banking it off Blackwood's pad.

Maple Leafs 4 - Sharks 1

That is your final score after the least interesting 4-1 win I've ever seen.

It wasn't a bad game at all for Toronto, but it's been a long trip, the opponent isn't great so they weren't challenged so the creativity didn't appear very much, final goal aside.

The Maple Leafs come home for a game at the Scotiabank Arena against the San Jose Sharks Tuesday night at 7:00PM. Hopefully they make it a little more exciting for the home fans. The Sharks will be looking to end an 11 game losing streak.

See you then!