Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

The fake spring that has been tricking southern Ontario is coming to an end, bringing back the February blahs.

This makes me mad. Not as bad as Morgan Rielly was last night though.

Ridley Greig celebrated a little too hard after scoring an empty net goal, long suffering Leafs defender Morgan Rielly took out his frustrations after the celebration.

Lots of people thought it was a bit much but Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe doesn't agree.

Former Leafs goaltender Andrew Raycroft thought Rielly didn't go far enough and should have thrown hands.

So, what do we expect for Morgan Rielly. With everyone ways overcorrecting to not show Leafs bias I bet Morgan gets the call to have an in person hearing. Six games is my bet.

For more on the frustrating time in Ottawa you can check out the recap here:

Recap: Leafs ask the Sens to beat them - Sens oblige
If you made “core four” into a drinking game, it’s Sunday afternoon and that headache you have is Sportsnet’s fault.

Elsewhere around the hockey world:

The Leafs outdoor practice was protested by people unhappy with the Leafs 'Milk' patches on their jerseys.

They were not protesting the corporate practices of the dairy monopoly in Canada, which you can hear more about from Commons:

Monopoly #2 - Big Milk
Some say that they’re a shadowy group that are the true power behind our elected officials, wielding enormous influence that they use to either benefit their friends or crush their enemies.

[Editor's note, this is about supply management not about dairy as a farming practice.]

But they were upset about the treatment of the cows. Which is fair enough.

Protesters angry about milk tried to crash the Maple Leafs outdoor practice in Toronto
Fans converged on Nathan Phillips Square on Thursday for the Toronto Maple Leafs’ annual outdoor practice, but not everyone gathered outside of Cit…

[Editor's note: the organization that protested uses a video that is widely criticized as being full of myths, outright lies and misinformation. Most of the debunking is from interested parties, making it difficult to find objective information.]

However, let's not get carried away by saying some blogs are notable. Come on BlogTO.

[Editor's note: the blog they identify as notable is Editor in Leaf, which is never not going to be funny, no matter the rest of the stuff that goes on around this issue.]

Does this happen to you?

Man Sure It’s No Big Deal That He’s Betting On Sports In Dreams Now
CASTLE PINES, CO—Dismissing the matter as not indicative of any larger issue, local man Bryan Marquette told reporters Monday that he was sure it was no big deal that he was betting on sports in his dreams now. “Yeah, so I might have woken up sweating after this dream where I’d lost millions of prop bets and they…

Don't worry, the podcast that got you hooked on gambling has a Better Help offer code for you!

Cows Ice Cream has long had a tradition of parodying pop/canadian culture with cow puns and the PWHL has joined the herd.

When will Easton Cow-en get his shirt?

Finally, I just found out this prospect exists. Thanks Brian!

Enjoy your day everyone!