First Period

Martin Jones back in the net, let's see what happens.

Holy cow, the volume of the Go Leafs Go chant off the opening faceoff.


Oh no. It's one of the core 4️⃣. It shouldn't even count. Nice work by Matt Knies and Mitch Marner.

1-0 Leafs

This game has had it all already. A Matthews goal and a pass to the other team from Max Domi.

Scores! No! Called back as offside.

But Max Domi was absolutely standing there to tip a puck in the net. But it doesn't count, so we can keep up the complaints about his passes.

William Lagesson looks like a guy who hasn't played in a long time.

John Tavares with a host of chances.

Claude Giroux can still play hockey.

Tie Game

Ring around the rosie...


Oh, Leafs. Fall down less, okay?

Otherwise, this is a good result against a team that has a very scorching offence lately.

Second Period

Pinto walks through the team and Tarasenko takes the lead for the Sens.

2-1 Ottawa

Turnovers near the bluelines.

Here's what's going on:

  • Bertuzzi falls down and Ottawa get the puck
  • Domi tries to play Robertson's position for him and they're both going for the same puck
  • Domi ices the puck
  • One handed to the line and not out – Domi
  • Matthews checked off the puck, loses possession
  • Marner very nearly scores
  • Matthews with a chance
  • Tavares shoots wide
  • Brodie pass from the point intercepted
  • Lagesson loses the puck, but it's the Sens fourth line, so no danger
  • McMann can't clear
  • Domi with a chance right into the goalie pads

And that's the full circle run of shifts. The bottom six can't handle the Sens. And let's remember who is out of the lineup before we light the pitchforks.


Matt Knies with the tip on a Marner shot. Auston Matthews with the secondary assist, so it's good because Matthews wasn't shooting so it's not the core 4️⃣. Matthews should shoot less.

Tie Game

Baseball swing.

Almost immediately Pinto tips it in off a point shot.

3-2 Senators

You can kill a guy and not get a penalty call tonight. But the Tavares line just could not get out of the d-zone. The Sens could and did keep getting the puck back.

I think ignored is a better word than missed here.

Josh Norris with a looper right over Jones after he picked off a pass in the neutral zone.

4-2 Ottawa

William Nylander takes the first penalty of the game. Not the worst offence, just the first one that was... I don't know. How do you decide what takes the whistle out of the pocket?

The Sens, who have a terrible power play, get a ping and not much else, but the emergency fill-in PKers on the Leafs are not very good.


Neutral zone turnovers. To the line and not out.

Also, for the love of dog, why would you make this team play a season with this defence corps? Made a freaking deal. Pay the price. THE PRICE ISN'T GOING DOWN. Sorry for the yelling.

Third Period

Noah Gregor with a chance, he should play more so someone other than the core 4️⃣ gets a goal.

Leafs let the Sens roar in on a good chance, and Jones makes two good saves. William Nylander in the neutral zone with the turnover.

Max Domi scores again on a great Morgan Rielly pass, this one counts.

4-3 Ottawa

It's not the core 4️⃣ so it should count for double. I wonder if Rielly was key though, but he's not core 4️⃣ even though he has more points than Tavares.

Benoit gets the second penalty of the game. The ref called it once Benoit did a little sales job.

Matthews on the PK doesn't quite understand the positioning for a the triangle kill, but he makes it work.

Korpisalo with a great save vs Matthews, and there's only a minute and a half left.

Keefe calls a timeout as the teams blew through a TV timeout again with no whistle.

Nylander with some nifty stuff. Maybe turn the puck over less, though.

Holy crap! Morgan Rielly mugs Ridley Grieg for slapping the puck hard into the empty net. I say again, Holy Crap!

5-3 Ottawa

Yes he was showboating, but Rielly crosschecked him in the head. FFS.


Rielly gets a five minute penalty that automatically gets reviewed.

The result is five and a game. So that might mitigate the coming suspension.

Reaves on the ice now, of course. The Linesman dances with him, and that's this bullshit over.


Too many mistakes too early. Too little game too late. And then asshole stuff.


That's all 4️⃣ now. The next game is Tuesday against St. Louis. Won't that be fun?