The Royal Canadian Mint announced that to celebrate the Toronto Maple Leafs centennial, they will be issuing a new loonie for the team. The Mint previously did this for the Montreal Canadiens centennial in 2009.

From the release the loonie will feature the Toronto Maple Leafs logo sitting just below a pair of crossed hockey sticks, one depicting the stick used during the team’s early years, and the other a more modern variety. The years “1917” and “2017” will be inscribed to the right of the logo, while 100 dots will be engraved along the coin’s outer ring to represent the team’s 100 years.

The coin will be issued well in advance of the 100th anniversary of the Maple Leafs first  game on December 9th.

The celebration of the Maple Leafs centennial continues all next season, and despite the team not having the all-star game, or draft like the Canadiens had, we’re catching up on government issued frivolity.

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