This morning the Toronto Maple Leafs unveiled the new design for St. Pat’s throwback jerseys that will be worn for the first time on March 18th versus the Chicago Blackhawks:

The throwback celebrates the name they Maple Leafs had when Conn Smythe purchased the team in 1927; The Toronto St. Patrick’s.

From 1919 until 1927 the Toronto St. Patrick’s played in the Mutual Street Arena, and over those eight seasons they lost two NHL finals (to the Canadiens and original Senators), and defeated the Vancouver Millionaires in 1922 to win the Stanley Cup.

When Conn Smythe took control of the St. Patricks on Valentines Day in 1927 he renamed the franchise the Maple Leafs, but kept the green and white colour scheme until the end of the season.

In the early 2000’s the Maple Leafs brought out a St. Pat’s retro sweater (along with brown helmet and gloves to simulate the leather gear worn back in the 20’s) that they would wear in March around St. Patrick’s Day, and did so up until 2002, when they stopped wearing the jerseys.

There was no official statement, but it’s rumored that they stopped wearing the jerseys because a former players family member died before a pre-game ceremony at the March 9th, 2002 game, which is the last game those jerseys were worn. Be it superstitious or coincidence, we now have a re-designed St. Pat’s throw back uniform.

What do you think Leafs fans? Is this new St. Pat’s jersey an improvement or no?

Which St. Pat's uniform was better?

The original Mats Sundin era175
The new one242