It's not exactly surprising the Toronto Marlies are getting a lot of attention this season. While the Maple Leafs were the worst team in the NHL, their affiliate has been the best in the AHL with a pretty solid .750 winning percentage. And then they won a couple of playoff rounds, to boot - and have been the only professional hockey team playing north of the border for quite some time now.

So of course, they might deserve a bit better than online streaming. And they're gonna get it.

It's only right! The Marlies are one of the final four teams playing and there's, understandably, a lot of interest in them. Couple that with the fact TSN could use some more hockey to broadcast, and this is a pretty good deal for all parties.

Up next: the Hershey Bears vs. the Toronto Marlies. Friday, 7 p.m. On TSN2, and the TSNGO streaming service.