Forget those vitals from the T25, Nick Robertson is reporting himself as “thicker”.

Listen to the video where he says he got to 185lbs, and then “simmered down”. Not sure if he’s in the best shape of his life, but... you know he is.

The longer version:

I don’t know what Victor Rask is doing on a PTO, but he’s a good third liner, and someone should have signed him by now.

Another guy who can succeed in a specific role, so this should just be a contract. They have nothing on the PP:

Speaking of...

Nick Ritchie is legitimately a second unit PP guy on a good team. He is not on a good team.

In front office news:

I think we can stop with the running tally of unicorns here and just, you know, realize that all sorts of people have all sorts of skills that hockey teams can employ.

And speaking of...

A little more evidence that Duante’ Abercrombie has been hired by the Leafs for more than just Traverse City.

I expect the Traverse City games to be streamed in some form. The Leafs play Dallas today at 6:30 pm, and so far, no one has announced the method of broadcast. When we know, we’ll update in the comments.

We have the final T25 post today with all the votes, the lists, and some fun charts. It turned out to be more fun than I expected, and thanks so much to the guest voters, they were all great. Wonderful to have different points of view for something like this.

Prospect season ends on Monday when Traverse City draws to a close, and the real Leafs will be in training camp for medicals one week from today. You might as well get your winter boots out of the back of the closet this weekend.

Happy Thursday, everyone, and remember to tell everyone how much weight you gained this summer with the same pride Nick Robertson has.