We have finished our T25 for another season, just in time for Traverse City to begin where some of these prospects will be on the ice. Don’t make us took bad, guys!

The official list with the average ranking for each player:

2022 Top 25 Under 25 Official Rankings

RankPlayerAverage Vote
1Auston Matthews1.00
2Rasmus Sandin2.78
3Matthew Knies2.89
4Timothy Liljegren3.44
5Nicholas Robertson5.22
6Topi Niemelä6.00
7Roni Hirvonen7.56
8Nicholas Abruzzese 9.44
9Fraser Minten9.56
10Pontus Holmberg10.00
11Joey Anderson12.33
12Ty Voit13.22
12Alex Steeves13.22
14William Villeneuve16.89
15Dmitri Ovchinnikov17.00
15Nicholas Moldenhauer17.00
17Mikko Kokkonen17.22
18Victor Mete17.67
19Filip Král18.22
20Mikhail Abramov19.00
21Semyon Der-Arguchintsev21.22
22Ryan Tverberg21.44
23Joseph Woll22.67
24Dennis Hildeby23.67
25Brandon Lisowsky24.00

All our votes:

Official Voting

PlayerSpeciesKatyaseldoBrianTomK421dhammmJosh - Smaht ScoutingHardevThe Decline and Fall of the Roman Polak
Auston Matthews111111111
Rasmus Sandin322342234
Matthew Knies234225323
Timothy Liljegren443433442
Nicholas Robertson655554557
Topi Niemelä567666675
Roni Hirvonen87107710766
Nicholas Abruzzese 786916881013
Fraser Minten111412897988
Pontus Holmberg10109121191199
Joey Anderson9128191212121116
Ty Voit121111102021101410
Alex Steeves13916141413131512
William Villeneuve21201413822162414
Dmitri Ovchinnikov171813112416141723
Nicholas Moldenhauer1919-161019151811
Mikko Kokkonen161619201718181318
Victor Mete141315-1311--15
Filip Král182120-1514211217
Mikhail Abramov1515182122-191619
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev2017-2219231721-
Ryan Tverberg-221715--202021
Joseph Woll252321-1815--24
Dennis Hildeby2324--23--1920
Brandon Lisowsky---242520242322
Nikita Grebenkin-25-18--2322-
Veeti Miettinen22--2521-22--
Joe Miller24-2323--25-25
Max Ellis---17-----
Axel Rindell-----17---
Wyatt Schingoethe--22------
Michael Koster--24----25-
Pavel Gogolev--25--25---
Curtis Douglas-----24---
Artur Akhtyamov ---------
Braeden Kressler---------
Nikolai Chebykin---------
Vladislav Kara---------
Mac Hollowell---------
Ryan O’Connell---------
Semyon Kizimov---------
Kalle Loponen---------
John Fusco---------
Vyacheslav Peksa ---------

The full community list with average rankings:

2022 T25 Community Vote

RankingPlayerWeighted Average
1Auston Matthews1.17
2Rasmus Sandin3.94
3Timothy Liljegren4.14
4Matthew Knies5.15
5Nicholas Robertson6.16
6Topi Niemelä7.97
7Roni Hirvonen12.18
8Fraser Minten12.62
9Nicholas Abruzzese12.73
10Alex Steeves13.65
11Joey Anderson14.14
12Pontus Holmberg15.44
13Victor Mete16.72
14William Villeneuve17.51
15Mikhail Abramov18.41
16Ty Voit18.48
17Joseph Woll18.86
18Semyon Der-Arguchintsev19.02
19Mikko Kokkonen19.18
20Ryan Tverberg19.80
21Dennis Hildeby19.90
22Nicholas Moldenhauer19.91
23Dmitri Ovchinnikov20.34
24Filip Král20.59
25Curtis Douglas20.80
Mac Hollowell21.82
Veeti Miettinen22.63
Artur Akhtyamov22.93
Pavel Gogolev23.38
Axel Rindell23.54
Max Ellis23.68
Brandon Lisowsky24.05
Joe Miller24.10
Kalle Loponen24.23
Vyacheslav Peksa24.24
Braeden Kressler24.34
Michael Koster24.45
Nikita Grebenkin24.49
Vladislav Kara24.50
Nikolai Chebykin24.54
Semyon Kizimov24.75
Wyatt Schingoethe24.78
Ryan O’Connell24.78
John Fusco24.83

All the histograms for the community votes are in the summaries each week:

2022 T25U25: Week One Summary
2022 T25U25 Week Two Summary
T25U25 Week Three Summary
T25U25: Penultimate summary

And the final three are:

This is the major difference between the two lists in terms of rankings. There is clear and near total agreement on the Community Vote that Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren are virtually tied for second with Matt Knies a distinct full ranking point behind them.

For reference his chart looks like this:

So while there are a decent number of people who voted Knies second or third, note the variations in the Y axis, and compare his ~70 second place votes to Liljegren’s ~80 and Sandin’s ~125.

That’s all for now. Sometime in the dead of winter we will revisit this list to see where we were hilariously wrong. Until then, T25 season is officially closed. Remember the group is always listed at the top of the page under “Sections”, so if you ever want to peruse the old posts, they’re easy to find.