Tobias Lindberg, as you might have been able to figure out from his name, is from Sweden. He was drafted out of Sweden, and didn't come over to North America until just last season, when he put together an impressive season for the Oshawa Generals.

Drafted by the Ottawa Senators, he made his professional debut for the Binghamton Sens. Traded to the Maple Leafs, he joined the Marlies. And recently recalled, tonight, he gets to make his NHL debut for Toronto.

That's quite a long way to go. Say what you will as the regular season does its thing and wraps up, but not everybody gets to play in an NHL game, so firsts at this level, regardless of circumstance, are extremely special.

Even moreso in Lindberg's case, because he gets to share his with his family.

This is beautiful. Maybe that'll add a little extra jump to Lindberg's game - and wouldn't it be cool if he got to record another first to his NHL career with them there, too?