The 2017 NHL Combine wrapped up the testing phase today, and the recorded heights and weights are out there for you to study.  No one seems to have noted down the wingspans.

This source has most of the prospects who were at the combine listed, so if you need to know that Nico Hischier is half an inch shorter than Nolan Patrick and 20 pounds lighter, you can look it up there.

For our purposes, I’ve added the heights and weights to our table of likely draft prospects, and also updated the Future Considerations and McKeen’s rankings to reflect their June lists.

2017 NHL Draft Rankings

Canucks Army AverageNameHeightWeight (lbs)Bob McKenzie's listFuture ConsiderationsISSMcKeen'sHockey ProspectCraig ButtonCanucks Army
11Cody Glass6’1.75″177.86810687712
12Elias Pettersson6’1.75″164.6278201151211
13Michael Rassmusen6’5.5″221.22916910151610
14Lias Andersson5’11”200.6813132517161515
15Klim Kostin6’2.5″207.1818141621233014
16Ryan Poehling6’1.75″176.551921152614916
17Juuso Valimaki6’1.5″211.2714121414192317
18Kristian Vesalainen6’3.75″209.221517199322922
19Callan Foote6’4″214.9820251230171818
20Kailer Yamamoto5’7.5″146.424152624221419
21Nick Suzuki5’11”183.212191116261020
22Nicolas Hague6’5.5″207.2825201827185521
23Eric Brannstrom5’9″Not recorded291819424528
24Isaac Radcliffe6’6″200.3427232218122825
25Urho Vaakanainen6’1.25″188.2223013255727
26Maxime Comtois6’1.25″188.2372430274823
27Shane Bowers32312729202224
28Robert Thomas5’11.5″192.521332115395429
29Nikita A. Popugayev5451 456726
30Kole Lind6’1″185393824243430
31Alexei Lipanov4943211731
Date of RankingCombineJuneJuneMayJuneFebruaryMarchMarch

Does the height and weight information change your opinions any?  Michael Rasmussen to Kailer Yamamoto, biggest to smallest, and two other very interesting picks with no weight recorded — who do you want to draft now?

Does the height/weight information change your opinion on who to draft?

Only for the really small guys179
No, it’s irrelevant314
Only for the really big guys47
Yes, I had no idea the guy I liked before was that gigantic/tiny101