On Friday, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced the low-key re-signing of Andreas Johnsson, who accepted his qualifying offer rather than trying to negotiate anything longer term. You may have seen one of the myriad of tweets that Johnsson is clearly “betting on himself” to have a good year, put up good numbers in his first full season when he was a year younger t, and get a much better contract going forward.

Mind you, Connor Brown had a 20 goal year playing what I am guessing will be a similar role as Johnsson will this coming season, and he got $2.1 million AAV for three years. I’m not good at telling this stuff but I believe he was also a year younger in his first full season than Johnsson will be. So perhaps the Leafs played more hard ball with Johnsson, and now he wants to have a chance to get the Brown contract.

For their NHL roster, the Leafs only have William J Nylander left to sign, with $14,741,667 in cap space remaining. Let’s say he gets the 6 year, $6.66 million AAV Pastrnak contract, plus a little increase to get the same percentage of the cap. According to CapFriendly, Pastrnak’s cap hit was 8.89% of the cap when it was signed. We don’t yet know what the cap ceiling will be for the 2018/19 season, but let’s say it’s $81 million. My math ain’t great but Google is telling me that $7.2 million(ish) would be 8.89%.

That would give the Leafs $7.5 million in cap space left this season. A common assumption, or rumour, in the Twitterverse is that the Leafs want to leave themselves a cushion to avoid any bonus overages that can muck up their cap space next season. However, I can’t help but notice a few oft-rumoured-to-be-traded players and what their cap hits are...

  • Max Pacioretty — $4,500,000
  • Nino Niederreiter — $5,250,000
  • Jeff Skinner — $5,725,000
  • Justin Faulk — $4,833,333
  • Jared Spurgeon — $5,187,500
  • Erik Karlsson — $6,500,000/

Let’s gloss over whatever the hell the Leafs have that they’d want to trade to get any of those players. We’ll leave that to Kyle Dubas to figure out, and when he does it will blow. our. minds!

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Which of the players rumoured to being shopped has you at peak thinking-face-emoji.gif?

Max Pacioretty19
Nino Niederreiter21
Jeff Skinner27
Justin Faulk72
Jared Spurgeon86
Erik Karlsson145
Rasmus Andersson 55
Jake Gardiner66