There are two top coices for this number, after a few with only one obvious choice.

Gary Leeman (1985-92)
StatS: 440GP - 167G - 197A - 364Pts - 360PM

Leeman was a 1982 2nd round pick for the Maple Leafs. His first two seasons with the team he wore #16 and #4, but he settled into #11 for the long term - he would play over 400 games in the number. Best known  for playing on the ‘Hound line’ wit Wendel Clark and Russ Courtnall, Leeman was a key piece going back to the Flames in the Gilmour trade.

His NHL career wouldn’t last much longer after that, he would play on the Flames for one year before being traded to the Canadiens in 1993 where he would win the Stanley Cup.He would bounce around the minors and Europe after that, with brief appearances with the Canucks and Blues.

Tod Sloan (1947-58)
Stats: 549GP - 162G - 184A - 346Pts - 650PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1949, 51

Sloan would get two call ups from the AHL in his first three years with the Leafs, and then stick with them full time starting in the 1950-51 season, eventually playing with his cousin Dave Keon. The centre from Vinton, Quebec played over 500 games for the Maple Leafs, and came second in Hart trophy voting in the 55-56 season.

Sloan was an active organizer of the first players association, and these actions got him traded away from the Maple Leafs in the 1958 off-season for cash to the Blackhawks. He would play three seasons with the Blackhawks, winning one Stanley Cup, before retiring.

Other 11’s

Nik Antropov (2001-02)
StatS: 11GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 4PM

The Leafs 1st round pick in 1998 spent most of this season in St. John’s, but the next year he woulds stick with the Leafs in his more famous #80.

Fred Boimistruck (1981-83)
StatS: 83GP - 4G - 14A - 18Pts - 45PM

Joining the Leafs from the Cornwall Royals of the QMJHL, he played one and a half seasons in the NHL, and one and a half in the AHL. After the Leafs he would play two more minor league seasons before retiring.

Bruce Boudreau (1980-81)
Stats: 39GP - 10G - 14A - 24Pts - 45PM

Boudreau spent seven seasons between 1976 and 1983 splitting time with the Leafs and the minors. In 80-81 he grabbed #11 when he came up. He’s coaching the Minnesota Wild now.

Dave Creighton (1958-59)
Stats: 34GP - 3G - 9A - 12Pts - 4PM

Joined the Leafs for the last couple seasons in the NHL he’d play, each were split with the AHL. In the 59-60 season he’d wear #22.

Philippe Dupuis (2011-12)
Stats: 30GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 16PM

Joining the Maple Leafs as a free agent in the 2011 off-season, Dupuis split the season with the Marlies, played 30 games for the Leafs as a forward but recorded no points. After his year in Toronto he played one more in the AHL then left for Germany.

Ron Ellis (1964-65)
Stats: 62GP - 23G - 16A - 39Pts - 14PM

In Ellis’ first full NHL season he wore #11, and he would finish second in Calder trophy voting. . The next year he would take #6 and wear it from 1968 until he retired in the 1981 off-season.

Gerry Foley (1954-55)
Stats: 4GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 8PM

He played most of his career in the minors, except for one call up to Toronto, and two seasons with the Rangers.

Mike Gartner (1994-96)
Stats: 130GP - 53G - 33A - 86Pts - 62PM

Gartner came to the Leafs from the Rangers in exchange for Glenn Anderson and a 4th round pick. He would play two more seasons in the NHL, then be traded to the Coyotes in the 1996 off-season for a 4th round pick.

Gaston Gingras (1982-85)
Stats: 109GP - 17G - 40A - 57Pts - 26PM

Coming to the Leafs from the Canadiens for a 2nd round pick, he would play two partial seasons in Toronto around one full season before being sent back to Montreal for Larry Landon.

Mark Greig (1993-94)
Stats: 13GP - 2G - 2A - 4Pts - 10PM

Acquired from the Whalers with a 6th round pick for Ted Crowley, he would leave after the season was over. He is currently a scout for the Flyers.

Inge Hammarstrom (1973-78)
Stats: 292GP - 85G - 82A - 167Pts - 74PM

Coming over from Sweden, Hammarstrom played five seasons in Toronto before being traded to the Blues for Jerry Butler. He is currently a scout for the Canucks.

Zach Hyman (2015-Present)
Stats: 126GP - 19G - 29A - 48Pts - 64PM

Originally a Panthers pick, Hyman was acquired by the Leafs in the 2015 off-season in exchange for Gregg McKegg. He would sign with the Leafs before becoming a college free agent. He split the 15-16 season between the Leafs and Marlies, and would make the roster full time in the 16-17 season, where he set the record for short handed goals by a rookie with 4.

Gerry James (1959-60)
Stats: 34GP - 4G - 9A - 13Pts - 56PM

59-60 was his final season in the NHL, and his final with Toronto.

Olli Jokinen (2015)
Stats: 6GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 2PM

Coming to Toronto from the Predators with Brendan Leipsic and a 1st for Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli, Jokinen wasn’t happy in Toronto and would be traded to the Blues six games later for Joakim Lindstrom and a 6th.

Paul Knox (1954-55)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Knox played one pro game after junior then returned to Kitchener to play senior A hockey.

Larry Landon (1984-85)
Stats: 7GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Acquired from the Canadiens for Gaston Gingras, Larry played seven games for the Leafs and spent the rest in the minors, he retired in the off-season.

Guy Larose (1991-94)
Stats: 53GP - 10G - 7A - 17Pts - 45PM

He spent three seasons with the Leafs and their minor league affiliates., he would be claimed off waivers by the Flames in the 93-94 season.

Adam Mair (1998-99)
Stats: 8GP - 1G - 0A - 1Pt - 6PM

A 1997 4th round pick for the Leafs, Mair wore #11 in his first NHL games. He wouldn’t play a full season for the Leafs before being traded to the Kings with a 2nd round pick for Aki Berg. He is currently a development coach with the Buffalo Sabres.

Jay McClement (2013-14)
Stats: 129GP - 12G - 15A - 27Pts - 43PM

He would sign with the Leafs in the 2012 off-season, but the lockout would keep him from making his Leafs debut until 2013. He would sign with the Hurricanes in the 2014 off-season.

Walt McKechnie (1978-80)
Stats: 133GP - 32G - 72A - 104Pts - 15PM

The Maple Leafs first ever draft pick in 1963, McKechnie didn’t play for the Leafs until 13 years later. He was taken by the Minnesota North Stars in the 1967 expansion draft, and after playing for the North Stars, Seals, Bruins, Red Wings, Capitals, and Barons, Walt would join the Leafs after the Barons merged with the North Stars in a trade for a 3rd round pick. He wouldn’t last long in Toronto, just a season and a half before being traded to the Colorado Rockies for a 3rd round pick.

Lyle Moffat (1972-73)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

He played one game that season, but would spend most of his career in the minors until catching on in the WHA with the Jets.

Bob Nevin (1957-64)
Stats: 250GP - 55G - 100A - 155Pts - 55PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1962, 63

Nevin had two seasons as a call up, and spent all of 1959-60 in the minors before making the Leafs full time in the 60-61 season. He would win two Stanley Cups with the Leafs in 1962 and 1963, and would be traded to the Rangers in a six player deal late in the 63-64 season.

Owen Nolan (2003-04)
Stats: 79GP - 26G - 34A - 60Pts - 126PM

Acquired at the 2003 deadline from the Sharks for Brad Boyes, Alyn McCauley, and a 1st round pick, Nolan played with the Leafs until the lost season, and had to sit out the next season due to injury. He would play for the Coyotes, Flames, and Wild before retiring after one season in Switzerland.

Murray Oliver (1967-70)
Stats: 226GP - 44G - 90A - 134Pts - 50PM

Acquired from the Bruins in the 1967 off-season with cash for Eddie Shack, he would play three seasons with the Leafs, and be traded to the North Stars with Terry O`Malley and Brian Conacher.

Cam Plante (1984-85)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

A 7th round pick in 1983, Plante would spend most of his career in the minors or Europe aside from these two games.

Brit Selby (1965-67)
Stats: 67GP - 15G - 14A - 29Pts - 26PM
Awards: Calder trophy - 1966

Selby’s first full season in the NHL won him the Calder trophy as top rookie in the NHL. The next season he was sent down to the minors for a conditioning stint after a bad start, and he injured himself there and missed the rest of the season. He would be taken by the Flyers in the 1967 expansion draft.

Fredrik Sjostrom (2010-11)
Stats: 85GP - 4G - 6A - 10Pts - 18PM

Part of the Phaneuf package from the Flames, Sjostrom would play a season and a half with the Leafs in his final NHL seasons. He would play two seasons in Sweden before retiring. He is currently the general manager of Frölunda HC in the SHL.

Steve Sullivan (1996-99)
Stats: 154GP - 35G - 50A - 85Pts - 95PM

Joining the Leafs with Alyn McCauley and Jason Smith from the Devils (sent back: Doug  Gilmour, Dave Ellet and a pick), Sullivan played two full seasons for the Leafs, and tweo truncated ones, his final being just seven games long before he was claimed off waivers y the Blackhawks. He is currently the assistant general manager of the Arizona Coyotes.

Jiri Tlusty (2007-09)
Stats: 74GP - 10G - 10A - 20Pts - 14PM

A first round pick, he never made the Leafs full time before being traded to the Hurricanes for the rights to Philippe Paradis.

Guy Trottier (1970-72)
Stats: 113GP - 28G - 17A - 45Pts - 37PM

After a few seasons in the minors, Trottier signed with the Leafs for two seasons, before leaving with other to join the WHA.

Ron Wilson (1977-78)
Stats: 13GP - 2G - 1A - 3Pts - 0PM

The future Leafs coach, wore #11 in his first pro games out of college. The next call up he would switch to #14.

Who was the best #11 for the Maple Leafs?

Gary Leeman69
Tod Sloan59
Nik Antropov2
Fred Boimistruck0
Bruce Boudreau 2
Dave Creighton0
Philippe Dupuis 1
Ron Ellis8
Gerry Foley0
Mike Gartner 17
Gaston Gingras 1
Mark Greig0
Inge Hammarstrom13
Zach Hyman14
Gerry James0
Olli Jokinen2
Paul Knox0
Larry Landon0
Guy Larose 0
Adam Mair 0
Jay McClement1
Walt McKechnie 2
Lyle Moffat0
Bob Nevin 3
Owen Nolan 7
Murray Oliver 1
Cam Plante0
Brit Selby0
Fredrik Sjostrom 0
Steve Sullivan4
Jiri Tlusty0
Guy Trottier0
Ron Wilson1