Sid Smith (1946-58)
Stats: 601GP - 186G - 183A - 369Pts - 94PM
Lady Byng trophy: 1952, 55
Stanley Cup: 1948, 49, 51, 52

Sid Smith joined the Maple Leafs out of junior for 14 games in 46-47. He split the following two seasons with Pittsburgh of the AHL, playing in the playoffs each year however. He would stick in the NHL after that, playing for the Maple Leafs full time for nine seasons. His first six NHL seasons he would score a minimum of 20 goals, and take at most 28 penalty minutes, earning him two Lady Byng trophies. He was named captain in the 55-56 season after George Armstrong retired.

Other 8’s

Mike Allison (1986-87)
Stats: 86GP - 7G - 19A - 26Pts - 76PM

Allison joined the Leafs in the 1986 off-season in a trade with the Rangers for Walt Poddubny. He would be traded to the Kings early in the 87-88 season for Sean McKenna.

Tim Armstrong (1988-89)
Stats: 11GP - 1G - 0A - 1Pt - 6PM

An 11th round pick in 1985, Armstrong spent five years in the minors with one call up to the Leafs before retiring.

Don Ashby (1978-79)
Stats: 3GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

A 1st round pick in 1975, Ashby switched to #8 the season he was traded to the Colorado Rockies for Paul Gardner.

Ken Baumgartner (1992)
Stats: 11GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 23PM

Baumgartner wore #9 after being traded to the Leafs from the Islanders. He would switch the #22 the following season.

Aki Berg (2001-06)
Stats: 325GP - 10G - 32A - 42Pts - 172PM

Acquired from the Kings for Adam Mair and a 2nd round pick, Berg would play four and a half seasons with the Leafs, and after the 05-06 season he would return to Finland, and captain TPS in Liiga for the remainder of his career. He’s spent the past five seasons as the equipment manager for TPS and the Finnish men’s team.

Gus Bodnar (1943-47)
Stats: 187GP - 48G - 105A - 153Pts - 60PM
Stanley Cup: 1945, 47
Calder Trophy: 1944

Bodnar played four seasons in Toronto, winning one Calder Trophy and two Stanley Cups. He would be traded to the Blackhawks in a seven player deal in the 1947 of-season. He would play seven years with Chicago before being traded to the Bruins for two seasons and retiring. He would turn to coaching junior hockey and would take the Toronto Marlboroughs to the Memorial Cup and win it in 1967.

Buzz Boll (1933-39)
Stats: 213GP - 61G - 39A - 100Pts - 69PM

Buzz joined the Maple Leafs for the 1933 playoffs, playing one game. He would make the roster full time in the 33-34 season, and play in Toronto for six seasons. In the 1939 off-season he would be one of four players sent to the New York Americans for Sweeney Schriner.

Connor Carrick (2016-Present)
Stats: 100GP - 5G - 10A - 15Pts - 76PM

Carrick joined the Leafs from the Capitals along with Brooks Laich and a 2nd at the 2016 deadline, in exchange for Daniel Winnik and a 5th. He’s been with the Leafs on and off the ice since then and just cracked the 100 game mark.

Carlo Colaiacovo (2006-08)
Stats: 86GP -10G - 14A - 24Pts - 76PM

A frequent victim of bone-itis, Colaiacovo would be traded to the the Blues along with Alex Steen for Lee Stempniak early in the 08-09 season.

Murph Chamberlain (1937-40)
Stats: 131GP -19G - 35A - 54Pts - 64PM

Chamberlain played three seasons on the Leafs and in the 1940 off-season he would be traded to the Canadiens for $7,500.

Rich Costello (1985-86)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 0PM

Rich Costello came to the Leafs from the Flyers in exchange for Darryl Sittler. He would play four seasons for the St. Catharines/Newmarket Saints, getting called up for a total of 12 games. He would play five more seasons in the minors/Europe before retiring.

Hal Cotton (1928-35)
Stats: 285GP - 68G - 88A - 156Pts - 252PM
Stanley Cup: 1932

‘Baldy’ Cotton joined the Maple Leafs from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for Gerry Lowrey and $9,500. Cotton played with the Maple Leafs for seven seasons, winning the cup in 1932.

Jim Dorey (1968-72)
Stats: 231GP - 25G - 74A - 99Pts - 553PM

Dorey was a 4th round pick in 1964 and he would play four seasons in Toronto, being traded to the Rangers in 1972 for Pierre Jarry.

Gerry Ehman (1963-64)
Stats: 4GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 0PM
Stanley Cup: 1964

Ehman spent the majority of the season in Rochester, but he would be called up for the playoffs and help the team win the cup at the end of the season. In the off-season he would be traded to the California Golden Seals for Jean-Paul Parise and Bryan Hextall Jr.

Ron Ellis (1965-68)
Stats: 212GP - 69G - 46A - 115Pts - 38PM

Ron Ellis joined the Maple Leafs out of junior at the end of the 63-64 season. He wore #11 in 64-65, but switched to #8 for 65-68, before switching long term to #6.

Alex Faulkner (1961-62)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Faulkner played his first full season away from Newfoundland with the Rochester Americans, and a one game call up to the Leafs. The next season he would sign with the Red Wings.

Tim Gleason (2014)
Stats: 39GP - 1G - 4A - 5Pts - 55PM

Gleason joined the Leafs on new years day 2014, in exchange for John-Michael Liles and Dennis Robertson going to the Hurricanes. He would finish the season then re-sign with Carolina in the off-season.

Chris Govedaris (1993-94)
Stats: 12GP - 2G - 2A - 4Pts - 14PM

A 1988 1st round pick for the Whalers, Chris would not be re-signed and would join the Leafs for the 93-94 season. He would be traded to the Red Wings for Gord Kruppke in the off-season.

Petter Granberg (2014-15)
Stats: 7GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 6PM

A 4th round pick for the Leafs in 2010, Granberg never made the team aside from a couple call ups. He would be claimed off waivers by the Predators early into the 15-16 season.

Todd Hawkins (1991-92)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Hawkins was traded to the Leafs in 1991 from the Canucks in exchange for Brian Blad. Hawkins played all but two games in St. John’s before being released.

Mel Hill (1942-46)
Stats: 146GP - 49G - 61A - 110Pts - 77PM
Stanley Cup: 1945

Hill joined the Leafs after time with the Bruins and Brooklyn Americans. He would play four seasons with the Leafs, win the Stanley Cup in 1945, and spend the rest of his career in the minors.

George Horne (1928-29)
Stats: 39GP - 9G - 3A - 12Pts - 32PM

Horne played his final season as a Maple Leaf, coming to Toronto from the Montreal Maroons for Fred Elliott.

Greg Hotham (1980-82)
Stats: 14GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 11PM

Hotham was a 5th round pick in 1976, but never made it to the Leafs aside from a few games. He would be traded to the Penguins in the 81-82 season, where he would play one full NHL season.

Pierre Jarry (1972-73)
Stats: 104GP - 24G - 30A - 54Pts - 65PM

Jarry played two half seasons for the Leafs, being acquired from the Rangers last in 71-72 for Jim Dorey, and traded to the Red Wings early in 73-74 for Tim Ecclestone.

Larry Keenan (1961-62)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Played two games out of junior for the Leafs, but wouldn’t stick in the NHL until expansion in 1967 when he would play for the St. Louis Blues.

Dmitri Khristich (2000)
Stats: 27GP - 3G - 6A - 9Pts - 8PM

Khristich would be traded to the Capitals early in the 00-01 season for a 3rd round pick.

Mike Komisarek (2009-13)
Stats: 158GP - 2G - 17A - 19Pts - 169PM

Seen as the big free agency prize from the Canadiens in 2009, Komisarek turned out to be an artful piece of sabotage from Montreal. He would be bought out in the 2013 off-season. He is currently a development coach with the Buffalo Sabres.

Les Kozak (1961-62)
Stats: 12GP - 1G - 0A - 1Pt - 2PM

Kozak played one pro season, mostly in the AHL with 12 games in Toronto.

Pete Langelle (1938-42)
Stats: 136GP - 22G - 51A - 73Pts - 11PM
Stanley Cup: 1942

Langelle played four seasons in Toronto before leaving to join the air force in 1942. He wouldn’t return to the NHL, and spent the rest of his career in the minors.

John MacMillan (1962-64)
Stats: 19GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 10PM
Stanley Cup: 1963

MacMillon won the 1963 Cup with the Leafs, but would be sent to the Red Wings during the 63-64 season.

Norm Mann (1938-41)
Stats: 31GP - 0G - 3A - 3Pts - 4PM

A minor leaguer with a couple call ups, Mann would be traded to the Rangers in 1938 for $4,000 but return in 1940.

Paul Masnick  (1957-58)
Stats: 41GP - 2G - 9A - 11Pts - 14PM

Masnick joined the Maple Leafs in the 1957 off-season, traded from the Canadiens for cash. It would be his final NHL season.

Bob McGill (1992-93)
Stats: 19GP - 1G - 0A - 1Pt - 34PM

McGill would return to the Leafs for one season, but barely play a quarter of the games. After retiring as a player he would work for Leafs TV and Leafs games on AM640, and most recently worked as a scout for the WHL Edmonton Oil Kings.

Sean McKenna (1987-89)
Stats: 43GP - 5G - 6A - 11Pts - 32PM

McKenna joined the Leafs from the Kings for Mike Allison, but played most of his games in the minors.

Don Metz (1939-49 - career)
Stats: 172GP - 20G - 35A - 55Pts - 42PM - career
Stanley Cup: 1942, 45, 47, 48, 49

Metz wore several numbers with the Leafs, but there’s no record of which one when that I could find. A five time cup winner, Metz only played pro hockey in the Maple Leafs organization. His brother Nick played with him on the Leafs.

Richard Mulhern (1979-80)
Stats: 26GP - 0G - 6A - 6Pts - 11PM

Mulhern would be picked up off waivers from the Kings, then traded to the Jets for cash in the off-season.

Walt Poddubny (1982-86)
Stats: 175GP - 56G - 82A - 138Pts - 170PM

Acquired from the Oilers for Laurie Boschman, Poddubny would play four seasons with the Leafs, and would be traded to the Rangers in the 1986 off-season for Mike Allison.

Rob Ramage (1989-91)
Stats: 160GP - 18G - 66A - 84Pts - 375PM

After winning the cup with the Flames in 1989, they would trade Ramage to the Leafs for a 2nd round pick in the off-season. He would play two full seasons for the Leafs, then sign with the Canadiens for the 92-93 season.

Larry Regan (1958-61)
Stats: 116GP - 11G - 42A - 53Pts - 10PM

Claimed from the Bruins, he would play two and a half seasons with the Maple Leafs, the final years of his NHL career. He would become the first GM of the Kings, and hold that position for the teams first six seasons.

Rocky Saganiuk (1978-80)
Stats: 91GP - 27G - 28A - 55Pts - 61PM

A 2nd round pick for the Leafs, he wore #8 for his first two seasons of his career before switching to #9.

Brit Selby (1964-65)
Stats: 3GP - 2G - 0A - 2Pts - 2PM

Selby played three games in #9 for the Leafs, before joining the team full time the following season, wearing #11 and would win the Calder trophy.

Jack Valiquette (1974-78)
Stats: 172GP - 33G - 66A - 99Pts - 52PM

A 1st round pick in 1974, Valiquatte played two full seasons with the Leafs before being traded to the Colorado Rockies at the start of the 78-79 season for a 2nd round pick.

Todd Warriner (1994-99)
Stats: 253GP - 36G - 48A - 84Pts - 117PM

A name who is rarely mentioned in the Sundin-Clark trade, Warriner spent five seasons in Toronto, before being traded early in the 99-00 season to the Lightning for a 3rd round pick.

Gary Yaremchuk (1981-82)
Stats: 18GP - 0G - 3A - 3Pts - 10PM

Yaremchuk was picked with the 2nd rounder the Leafs got from Colorado for Jack Valiquette. He started the 81-82 season with the Leafs but would be sent to the minors for the rest of the year after 18 games.

Who was the best #8 for the Maple Leafs?

Sid Smith100
Mike Allison2
Tim Armstrong 2
Don Ashby0
Ken Baumgartner 1
Aki Berg21
Gus Bodnar 3
Buzz Boll 0
Connor Carrick 8
Carlo Colaiacovo 0
Murph Chamberlain 0
Rich Costello 0
Hal Cotton 0
Jim Dorey8
Gerry Ehman0
Ron Ellis 27
Alex Faulkner 0
Tim Gleason 0
Chris Govedaris 0
Petter Granberg0
Todd Hawkins 0
Mel Hill 0
George Horne 0
Greg Hotham 0
Pierre Jarry 0
Larry Keenan0
Dmitri Khristich0
Mike Komisarek3
Les Kozak0
Pete Langelle 0
John MacMillan 0
Norm Mann0
Paul Masnick0
Bob McGill 2
Sean McKenna 1
Don Metz 3
Richard Mulhern 0
Walt Poddubny 8
Rob Ramage 9
Larry Regan0
Rocky Saganiuk2
Brit Selby 2
Jack Valiquette 0
Todd Warriner 8
Gary Yaremchuk1