The Toronto Maple Leafs traded down, traded up, and even traded away a goalie at the NHL Draft. It was an eventful two days, and at the end of the whole thing the team walked away with five new prospects and millions of dollars of extra salary cap space to sign players.

Here’s all of our coverage in case you missed any of the late rounds, or if you missed all of it because Rogers is your internet service provider!

Maple Leafs trade Petr Mrázek
Leafs select forward Fraser Minten 38th overall
Leafs select forward Nicholas Moldenhauer 95th overall
Leafs select goalie Dennis Hildeby 122nd overall
Leafs select winger Nikita Grebenkin 135th overall
Leafs select forward Brandon Lisowsky 218th overall

The next big event will be the opening of free agency on Wednesday at noon, with the lead up to that an important time for the Leafs. All eyes are on Jack Campbell, and whether the team can get a contract done. With Petr Mrázek gone, and that precious extra ~$3.8M of salary cap space opened up, it makes it possible for Campbell to stay without juggling too many other contracts, but he will certainly have a lot of calls from other teams, some with deeper pockets, and others in sunny locales.

Kyle Dubas said he is already reaching out to Campbell to talk about a deal, though it is reported Campbell was unreachable on Friday because of the Rogers outage. Rogers literally owning the Leafs makes that even more hilarious.

Dubas is also still figuring out what to do with Ondrej Kase, and it may all depend on Campbell staying or going.

[Transcription] Dubas on the Maple Leafs’ 2022 draft haul - MLHS
“Fraser Minten still being there when we picked at #38 couldn’t have worked out better for us.”

Other News

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Is Campbell staying or going?

I think he’s staying. That trade of Mrázek was to clear cap space to keep him.279
I think he was staying regardless of that trade. They would do whatever it takes to keep him.41
I think he’s leaving. Edmonton is going to ridiculously overpay to get him.513