Yesterday, after signing Roman Polak and sending Calle Rosen to the AHL, the Leafs also put Eric Fehr on waivers.

Maple Leafs waive Eric Fehr

Today at noon he has cleared waivers. What happens next is not yet known. He may be sent to the AHL, but he doesn’t have to be. Many teams waive depth players to provide flexibility in roster choices or to make them more attractive to trade.

If he does go to the AHL, $975,000 of his salary stays behind to count against the Leafs’ salary cap.

The next step could happen today or not until the Leafs leave on their California road trip.  They might call up a player, as the roster now sits at 22 men assuming Fehr is sent down, or they may wait to decide who they should add.

This entire exercise might involve simply recalling Calle Rosen, with the timing of Polak’s signing a bit before Fehr was waived making it more complicated than it needed to be.

As always, when we know more, we’ll update you.