The Maple Leafs hosted the Arizona Coyotes last night, losing the game in overtime and simultaneously tossing a match into the pool of gasoline that has for years been continuously left around the Leafs goaltending area (they really should store that somewhere else so it stops blowing up each season). First, here’s our full recap of last night’s game in case you missed it and want to know about all the ex-Leafs on the Coyotes who scored or got primary assists (there were four of them).

Maple Leafs spot the Coyotes a big lead, and then overtime happened

The pretend controversy over whether or not Jack Campbell and Peter Mrázek could be a viable goalie tandem to get the Leafs through more than one round of the playoffs quickly escalated from a 3 out-of 10 to a 9 out-of 10 when Jack Campbell turned up yesterday with a surprise bruised rib type injury (I’m still not certain exactly what’s wrong with his rib,) and he will now have to sit out for a few weeks to heal.

Jack Campbell to miss at least 2 weeks with a rib injury

The level 9 alarm was then cranked up to the full 10 out-of 10 during the game when Mrázek was pulled after allowing in four goals in the first 30 minutes, and Erik Källgren—a call-up from the Marlies—was tossed into his first ever NHL game, coincidentally against the same team that drafted him into the league seven years ago. It’s possible now we will get to see him start the big outdoor game in Hamilton on Sunday.

This is only a guess, but I’m pretty certain that one week ago absolutely zero people would believe someone who said that Erik Källgren would be in that game, never mind actually maybe possibly the starter! Things have taken quite a turn here.

On the other hand, the refs are still consistent this season. Consistently bad!

Matthews wasn’t the only one complaining about officials last night...

Other News

Gabriel Landeskog ruffled some feathers and was ejected from a game last night. He had some comments after the game on the officiating.

Reading between the lines, what could he really be talking about?

Jack Eichel had some comments last night too, but not about the officials, only about the entire City of Buffalo.

Still not as stinging criticism as Joffrey Lupul made back in 2011.

At least this coming Leafs-Sabres game on Sunday is in Hamilton and not Buffalo, so we can all enjoy the view outside the stadium.