Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

At the beginning of February I took a look at who the Maple Leafs playoff opponents would be in various scenarios, and since it’s been about six weeks I thought we could take another look.

Divisions + Wild Card
Points Opponent: Tampa Bay Lightning (Away)
Points % Opponent: Tampa Bay Lightning (Away)

In our current format, we will of course be facing the reigning back to back Stanley Cup champions the Tampa Bay Lightning in either way to sort the teams. They are one point up on the Leafs and have one game in hand on Toronto and the division leading Florida Panthers.

Divisions Only
Points Opponent: Tampa Bay Lightning (Away)
Points % Opponent: Tampa Bay Lightning (Away)

Well dang, that doesn’t change

Former Conference (1-8 only / Div leaders 1+2)
Points Opponent: Pittsburgh Penguins (Home)
Points % Opponent: Pittsburgh Penguins (Home)

Now we get something different, with the Penguins coming to town. From Stamkos, Kucherov, and Hedman we go to a slightly older version in Crosby, Malkin, and Letang.

Once again both versions of seeding by Conference - giving the division leaders the top two seeds, and not - gets us the same opponent. But we have home ice this time!

Seed all teams 1-16
Points Opponent: Minnesota Wild
Points % Opponent: Washington Capitals

League wise, the Leafs are fifth overall sorting by points and points percentage, but the opponents do change. Up first, sorting by points we get the Minnesota Wild, who don’t seem like much of a threat but you can’t count out Fiala and Kaprizov.

Sorting by points percentage it’s the  Washington Capitals. While not the dominant team they once were it’s still Alexander Ovechkin. The Leafs have grown a lot since 2017 but it’s the playoffs baby!

There we go, odds are good we play the Lightning but it’s fun to know who else we could lose to.

In other news...

This is gouging. The Canucks have had some amazing specialty jersey designs this season but $650 for a non-game used jersey is some straight up grade-A bullplops. I’ve bought game worn jerseys for much less. All that good will, just poof, out the window.

As the Flyers extend Rasmus Risotlainen, they’ll also remake the Flyers?

Report: Rasmus Ristolainen extension ‘first domino’ in potential Flyers roster makeover

The Stars re-signed Joe Pavelski, taking another name off the trade list.

Dallas Stars Announce Joe Pavelski Contract Extension - LWOH

Clearly these were inspired by the Leafs re-signing Kyle Clifford, so Kyle Duba is a trendsetting.

No game tonight as everyone prepares for the big game tomorrow.

Enjoy your day everyone!