Toronto Maple Leafs Blue @ Toronto Maple Leafs White
Exhibition Game
7:00 p.m. ET - Scotiabank Arena, Center of the Hockey Universe
Watch: TSN4 (in the Leafs region), Sportsnet Ontario
Opponent Site: A Good Leafs Blog

Here’s our preview of tonight’s game:

Blue & White Preview: Leafs on Leafs action on your TV screen

It was exactly five months ago tonight we had our last Game Day Thread. That was when the Leafs played, and lost, to the Blue Jackets in the playoff qualification round. A lot has changed in the world in the five months since, but not everything. The Maple Leafs themselves reflect that. If you need a reminder, here was the squad the Leafs put on for their last game on August 9th.

(Robertson scratched)

(Sandin scratched)

Andersen in net
Campbell backup

Only three forwards and two defenceman on that roster are gone. This season is as much that core group as the veteran presents gifted by Kyle Dubas to replace those few who left.

This will be an oddball game even beyond that it’s only a scrimmage among the team. There will be a shootout just for fun at the end of the first two periods, and an overtime period whether needed or not, all to test out the players on those inevitable events in the coming real games.

I look at this game as an opportunity for us viewers to draw sweeping conclusions about the players based on a few minutes of ice time tonight. In an unrelated note, I look forward to seeing Auston Matthews on the penalty kill.

It is great to have you all here with us again to complain about everything. Grab a beer and get your GIFs ready for the comments.