Good start for the fourth line. First, Spezza almost scored off a giveaway.

Right after Rielly scores off a solid forechecking shift by the fourth line.

Thank you, Jack.

Matthews spins us right round baby right round.

I know Ritchie is a popular source of hate but he’s looked alright the last few games.

First Period Thoughts

  • Shot share: Leafs were out attempted 14-12 at even strength.
  • Expected goals: Rangers doubled up the Leafs 0.66 to 0.3 in expected goals.
  • Special teams: The Leafs successfully killed off the one penalty kill they had.
  • Standouts: Rielly had the goal off a nice fourth line shift, and the Matthews, Marner and Ritchie line were the only ones to be above 50% in expected goals. Everyone else was... pretty bad.
  • Heatmap: /


Campbell has also been good so far.

But Captain Morgan is leading the way offensively in this one. He scores a pretty goal on the powerplay to make it 2-0 Leafs.

Poor Ray has had more excitement in between the benches than we’ve had watching the second period.

Second Period Thoughts

  • Shot share: A much better period all around. Leafs had a 17-12 edge in shot attempts at even strength.
  • Expected goals: They also had a 0.92 to 0.37 edge in expected goals at 5v5.
  • Special teams: The Leafs got their second goal on the powerplay from some
  • Standouts: The Matthews line again, the third line, and the top two defensive pairings have helped turn their underlying numbers around. Jack Campbell has also been solid.
  • Heatmap: /


Ritchie starts the period off with a good chance, where somehow the defense couldn’t catch him...

Unfortunately, the Leafs spend the next few minutes hemmed in their own end despite NOT being on the penalty kill. Campbell couldn’t stop all of them, and it’s now 2-1 Leafs.

Matthews has one of the Leafs’ good chances in this period.

Strome and Bunting have been going at it all game, and it looks like Bunting is the one who lost his cool. Actually, no the refs put both of them in the penalty box.

Leafs have engaged the usual late-game lead turtle mode.

Jack Campbell is saving the day.

Final Thoughts

  • Shot share: Leafs win the shot share battle 48-44 at 5v5.
  • Expected goals: Leafs also had 54% of the expected goal share at even strength, though it felt closer on the whole than that.
  • Special teams: Leafs win the special teams battle 1-0, which was the difference in the game.
  • Standouts: Jack Campbell and Morgan Rielly are your heroes.
  • Heatmap: /