Today, Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock was named a finalist for the Jack Adams Award, which is the award for the coach who contributes to his team’s success.

You’re shocked, I know.  I am too.  Meanwhile, he’s likely trying to figure out why he has to be in Vegas for the awards show when he should be getting ready for the draft a few days later. He’s that kind of guy.

But according to lore, he should be worried about his job.  Five of the last six winners have been fired.  Last year’s was Barry Trotz, and obviously if he could coach up that bunch of plugs on the Capitals to play well, you have to give it to him, and he did okay this year too, so he still has his job.

Babcock’s competition this year is the coach of the Oilers, who are still in the playoffs out west where the living is easy, and John Tortorella, who, well, they vote on this before the playoffs, okay?

In fact: The winner is selected by a poll of the National Hockey League Broadcasters Association at the end of the regular season.

Who will win it? I’m sure Tortorella deserves it for having the goalie with the superior save percentage.  The other name for the Jack Adams is the PDO award, and Columbus was fourth in the regular season.

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