Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s a busy weekend for the Leafs as they have a back to back tonight and tomorrow.

First up are the Calgary Flames tonight at 7PM. The Flames played in Montréal last night, losing 4-2 in what I can only assume was embarrassing fashion - they did lose to the Habs.

Tomorrow night it’s a home away from home game as the Leafs head down the QEW to Buffalo to take on the Sabres. With Canadians allowed to use US land crossings once again, I hope we see the Whatever Bank it is This Season Centre filled to the rafters with Leafs jerseys once again. After all, there are plenty of ways around the $200 test to get back into the country. If you planned ahead and got the sniffles yesterday and needed a test done. Cough.

One thing about tomorrow’s game, being game two of a back to back, is with Petr Mrázek suffering from an injury that absolutely no one saw coming, we will most likely see Joseph Woll get his first NHL start. it couldn’t happen against a better team than the Buffalo Sabres who are restarting their rebuild for the umpteenth time since 2012.

I hope I see a great game.

I wanted to share the latest Jim Matheson gem with you all.

Jimmy, you scamp.

Also, Timmy Liljegren for Calder?

It appears the NHL is looking to take the All Star Game outside in Vegas...

Source: NHL eyes skills events on Vegas Strip

The plan is to have traditional skills events such as hardest shot and fastest skater inside the arena. The outdoor events will be created specifically for the Vegas All-Star weekend, with themes inspired by Sin City itself. The NHL is deciding between a few different concepts for the events, “but they all have a Vegas touch to them,” said the source.

Neat! Sidenote, Species told us about the “hangover bus”, which I assume will be full of NHLers this year.

Hangover Heaven bus rolls through Las Vegas: What do "patients" think?

It was not a great night for Sergei Bobrovsky...

Enjoy your day folks!