The Maple Leafs clobbered the Flyers last night, returning to their winning ways of last week after a bad loss 5-1 loss to the Kings on Monday. Here’s our full recap of last night’s game:

Leafs stifle Flyers 3-0

Let’s take another look at that first goal by William Nylander where the officials decided to play a joke on everyone and waive it off at first for kicking the puck.

It was also the first NHL game for Kirill Semyonov, who had a perfect first post-game interview by a Russian. “I happy we are win today. I happy.”

He also showed that he could take care of himself out there.

The Leafs next game is on Friday against the Flames. This will be the annual Hockey Hall of Fame game.

Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Weekend events in Toronto

That Friday game will be followed immediately by a trip across the border to play the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday night.

Other News

It’s true you cannot kick the puck into the net, but you can use your stick like a baseball bat to put it in the net, as demonstrated last night by Kevin Fiala.

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After the surprise announcement Monday that the Anaheim Ducks General Manager was being placed on administrative leave, the story took another turn yesterday.

What is most disturbing about this situation is how it is once again one of those “everyone had heard the stories” situations about his poor behaviour, but no one ever actually formally did something about it; they either turned a blind eye or were too fearful of losing their job. Hopefully, the outside investigators hired by the Ducks will help them establish a better workplace.