Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

While the Maple Leafs may not have had the most exciting trade deadline, they did get a couple good players and make some cap space available for this and next season.

Toronto Maple Leafs trade deadline recap

However, most of the drama came after the 3PM deadline when the NHL, Vegas Golden Knights, and Anaheim Ducks couldn’t figure out if a trade including Evgenii Dadonov was valid or not.

So, the story begins with Anaheim and Vegas making a deal where the Ducks send John Moore and Ryan Kesler to the Knights in exchange for Dadonov and a second round pick.

The drama comes in when the issues of timing and trade clauses were raised. Was the trade submitted before 3PM? Now, this wouldn’t matter because the trade can still go through, the players involved just wouldn’t be allowed to play in the playoffs. Elliotte Friedman reported on this and clarified it was submitted on time, so that’s settled.


Dadonov had a no trade clause, and the Anaheim Ducks were one of the teams on his no trade list, but none of the Ducks, Knights or even the NHL knew of this no trade clause until it was pointed out to them, presumably by Dadonov’s agent.


Here’s a tricky bit of business: the no trade list was never officially submitted, so it was essentially non-existent, and Dadonov therefore has no say over this trade.


This is now an NHL/NHLPA issue to resolve as Dadonov claims the list was in fact officially submitted, and it was submitted on time before the start of the NHL season last year, and is therefore still valid now.

I can't think of any reason not to believe the Golden Knights would mistreat a player, none at all.

So this won't be settled today I don't think.

What a ride!


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Finally, we have one more day off before the Leafs play again on Wednesday night.

The New Jersey Devils come to town tomorrow and we’ll (presumably) get to see Mark Giordano’s Maple Leafs debut.

Enjoy your day everyone!