The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline has passed us and the Toronto Maple Leafs did a few moves, and probably got in their own way of some others.

Let's start with a quick summary:


Mark Giordano (D)
Colin Blackwell (C)
Harri Säteri (G)
2022 3rd Round pick (Winnipeg)
Future Considerations


Travis Dermott (D)
Alex Biega (D)
Harri Säteri (G)
2022 2nd (Toronto)
2023 2nd (Toronto)
2024 3rd (Toronto)

Trade #1: Travis Dermott to the Vancouver Canucks for a 2022 3rd round pick

Travis Dermott traded to Vancouver

This move was clearing space for the big one they made. Travis Dermott has been an odd-man out this season for the Maple Leafs defense, losing playing time to Timothy Liljegren, Rasmus Sandin, and as of late, Ilya Lyubushkin, so this move will give him more ice time in Vancouver.

Dermott carried a $1.5M cap hit this season and next, and the Leafs needed that cap space now as well as going into next season with both Sandin and Liljegren needing extensions this summer.

The third round pick, replaces the one they lost in the David Rittich trade at last year’s deadline. With the Winnipeg Jets* on the outside looking in, this will most likely be an upgraded pick on their own.

Knee-jerk reaction: A player the Leafs moved down to get in the draft never quite panned out as needed and now has a fresh start somewhere else.

Trade #2: 3 picks go to the Seattle Kraken for Mark Giordano and Colin Blackwell

Leafs Trading for Mark Giordano and Colin Blackwell

The Maple Leafs needed an upgrade on defense and Giordano wanted to come to Toronto so it was a match made in heaven. Compared to other deals for defenders this wasn’t expensive at all, even with the Kraken retaining 50% of the salary.

Giordano is a recent Norris winner who has played on a pairing with TJ Brodie back when they were both in Calgary so that gives some instant chemistry for someone on a new team.

Colin Blackwell is a guy I just learned about, but since the last player the Leafs signed that made me do a quick web search was Michael Bunting I have high hopes already. A depth forward for the team, but people are already penciling him in with Nylander/Tavares.

The picks lost aren’t too bad, two seconds and third, one for each of the next three drafts so aside from this years second, there’s time to recoup those losses if need be.

Kneejerk reaction: A great deal that was supposed to be a step up, but adds pieces to replace players lost to injuries.

Trade #3: Toronto trades Alex Biega to the Nashville Predators for Future Considerations

Maple Leafs trade depth defender Alex Biega to Nashville: Dreger

The considerations could be anything, even Alex Biega!

Really this was a contract move to make room for, as Kyle Dubas put it, NCAA players after the Frozen Four is over. Matthew Knies and Nick Abruzzese come on down!

Kneejerk reaction: I forgot Alex Biega was in the org. Good luck in Milwaukee.

Hello and Good-bye to Harri Säteri

Arizona claims Harri Säteri

The Maple Leafs signed this goalie for added depth, but since he was coming over from Europe he had to go through and was claimed off waivers by the Arizona Coyotes. I dislike this rule, because hey he didn’t want to go there, but so it goes. What a Leafs career he had.

Kneejerk reaction: Withhold the Coyotes revenue sharing cheque.

That was the 2022 Trade Deadline for the Maple Leafs. Rumoured moves such as bringing back James Reimer or Luke Schenn never panned out. The Leafs balked at the price asked by Chicago for Fleury/Hagel, and no one wanted Petr Mrázek for free. Not even Buffalo!

Overall I would give this deadline a B, since they added to one major need but didn’t/weren’t able to get goaltending help. The Mrázek contract really hampered some moves.

How do you fee about the deadline? What’s your grade for the moves? Let us know and I promise not to read your comments.

How would you grade the Leafs deadline moves?

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