The Maple Leafs defeated the Jets last night but the big story of the game was Auston Matthews who injured his shoulder in the second period.

Recap: Auston Matthews injured as Maple Leafs power through the Jets in the 3rd
Auston Matthews will miss at least one game with a shoulder injury

That next Leafs game, which it’s comfirmed Matthews will miss, is on Monday against the Flames. The Leafs then get two days off before playing the Stars on Thursday, so it makes sense to take a wait and see approach before deciding whether or not he will be ready for that game. There’s no need to panic. Yet.

In the meantime we get to have fun speculation about how the lines will be shuffled by Babcock in response to the loss of his star center, and who will play on the top line Monday night.

There’s still no news on Nylander. It has been a week since the summit in Switzerland and highly credible media saying they thought a deal would have been done last week.

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

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Other News

Matthews wasn’t the only player injured last night. Jake Allen took a rough hit at the net and left the game.

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